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  1. make a container for the gui and then look at the furnace container how the furnace syncs the burn time and the current progress
  2. then you should save the list in a faild in the Tab and then modifify the list.
  3. public void displayAllReleventItems(List items) { super.displayAllRelevantItems(items); Collections.sort(items, tabSorter); tabSorter = Ordering.explicit(order).onResultOf(new Function<ItemStack, Item>() { @Override public Item apply(ItemStack input) { return input.getItem(); } }); } arent you already sorting them ?
  4. What is iun your IParticleManager.java in line 22 ?
  5. Should the player have his arms like the Zombie? then you should probably look there, or what do you mean by "where the player looks"
  6. Why should he add an useles empty bucket ?!
  7. Have you tried to create a new world ? If not, just try it and check if they are sorted as you wich.
  8. Ok the method i refered to dont exists anymore. But maybe you can use displayAllRelevantItems. Overwrite the methode in you own tab. Call first the super method after that all your items will be in the list. and then sort the list.
  9. Try making the Block letting Light through, like glass.
  10. you should be able to access the player model and modify the rotation of the arms, legs and everything else.
  11. no, you call the super method to get the list (dont creat you own, this will crash in multiplayer if you mod is only installed in single player) Then use a comparator to actualy sort them. Look at the javadoc from the java.util.List if you dont know how to use them.
  12. in <userhome>\.gradle\cashes\minecraft\net\minecraftforge\forge\<forge version>\* are alot of files also theere is a fml and a minecraft folder, so there are lots of files you need also.
  13. just print the name in the log. you will see if the event is fired and what name is used. Or print the UUID, but for printig maybe the name is better.
  14. Any way, I still dont know how to use the FastTESR. And is there a difference if i call Gl11 Vertex methods or using the VertexBuffer ?
  15. Its now that easy, the island generation is done by the EndBiomDecorator, so if you replace the generator of the default Bioms with this one it will maybe work. To prevent the EnderDragon from spawning just use some events (LivingJoinWorld)
  16. Wow, forge has a lot of predefined rotations and scalings like, default-hand, default-block or default-tool; also there are scale, translation and rotation, so it think it will work with my model. I didn't know somethink like post-rotation exists this is maybe also helpful. I am shure alot of people whould love JSON if they know how powerful the forge blockstates are.
  17. @diesieben07 is there any example or some documentation? (this sounds like that I am loking for )
  18. Ok, is there a way using jason but scale them smaler so I can use the 39px model? Or do I need to use the IModel stuff.
  19. But then I still need to somehow render the Covers. And the Texture has a very bad size (its 39 pixel, so it need to be scaled to fit the normal Block size). Also currently I am using ModelBase, is this so much slower than other methods?
  20. By Block Model system do you mean the JSOn stuff? well I cant use the Json stuff because I have an cover like system so I need to render every other Block.
  21. Well, there is the new FastTESR system and I have a Block (ist a Cable) thats starts to lagg if there are rendered over 100. So where can I find some documentation? I only found the AnimationTESR using the FastTESR so I dont know really how to use it, and whats the difference.
  22. Forge introduced the registry name system to stop people from using unlocalised names as registry names. Registry names are unique and must not change, unlocalised names aren't unique and can change at any time. If the registry and unlocalised names of an object are the same, set the registry name first and then set the unlocalised name from the registry name. You can change the unlocalised name at a later date if needed, but the registry name must remain the same. Ohh okay. Thanks
  23. This looks correct. Maybe the gui class is wrong
  24. is looks like the Hotbar is somehow saved in the armor and crafting slots. How do you open your container ?
  25. Have ypu already set the registered name? And I whould first set the Unlocalkized name and the set the registeredname with the same value as the unlocalizedname
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