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  1. You certainly have my support in regards to the changes regarding coremods. For too long have mod authors, written coremods that prevent Forge doing its thing: promoting mod compatibility. It's inevitable that this new policy won't eradicate coremods, but perhaps it will make their authors think more carefully about the repercussions of making changes. And in closing, I would like to congratulate Lex on reaching 7777 posts
  2. The post above is correct however android runs a vm called dalvik soon to be replaced by the android runtime (art). I'm sure someone could make or port a minecraft server in android however it would probably be unreliable and slow.
  3. Wow that looks incredible, do you use blender for the models? (I've never done 3d models in minecraft) I think you have done an awesome job, you should definitely be proud of your creation!
  4. Over the last few days I have been thinking about getting older mods working on newer versions of forge/minecraft persifically mods from tekkit classic, I had ideas like get the sources for minecraft forge that tekkit uses and try make it work and all sorts but over all one idea to me sounded the best, compatibility modes for forge where as like in windows the user can set a mod to specifically work for a version of forge, allowing older mods to be used, I have no clue on how to do this, but I'm sure lots of people would love the ability to do this! However I can understand why this isn't the best thing for the forge team to be working in because you want to work on getting forge updated to the latest minecraft version and not worry about expanding the size of forge even more, witch is where I had an idea, if someone comes up with a way of getting comparability done, this could be a community project, where the community of developers minecraft / forge has can work on this, and hopefully one day get the mods from tekkit classic working on minecraft {mcversion} and make the large libary of mods even larger. Hopefully I haven't wasted anyone's time with this post and I hope to have brought good ideas for your amazing product and I wish the best of success in the future!
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