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  1. Well, it seems like you are quite out of luck in terms of getting help here, it seems. A friend of mine referred this to me, because he was wondering about some of the terms in your classes; the word "Rift" in particular. You see, I am one of the developers of the 1.12+ port of Dimensional Doors, a mod which is almost completely about "rifts" and their ability to be used as a (teleportation) shortcut to get from point A to point B in no-time, possibly inter-dimensionally. If you would like to, you could come to our Discord server and state your case and problem there. We'd love it if you'd want to explain the idea behind your mod to us and we hope we can help you. Also feel free to take a look at our Github.
  2. I'd like to know your thoughts on the following matter, so please don't hesitate to speak your mind: I really like this Forge feature, where it shows you an error screen after mod loading phase 1/7 if one of your mods is missing a dependency. There are a few things, however, that I think this message is missing, and two of these are demonstrated by the linked screenshot. Version: If you have a version of the missing dependency mod installed, but the version number is too low, this does not get relayed to the user via this screen. A custom message for this situation would help. Forge: If it is your Forge version that is outdated, this screen tells you that the a certain version of the "forge mod" is not installed. The average Minecraft user knows Minecraft Forge as a mod-loader, not as a mod. This may cause confusion and from my experience it does confuse many. A custom message for this situation would help as well and it wouldn't be bad to state that Minecraft Forge is outdated as well. Even including a link to files.minecraftforge.net in the message would not be a bad idea, I think. Multiple: If you are missing multiple dependencies, which, if you build quite massive modpacks like I do from time to time, could happen regularly, this screen only shows you the first missing dependency. You'd have to restart Minecraft including this dependency to get an error for the second missing dependency. And so on... Especially when you are building a large modpack, this can rob you of quite a lot of valuable time. This is why I'd suggest trying to show all missing dependencies instead of just the first one that happened to come up. Some other thoughts regarding multiple missing dependencies: There are simply too many mods with dependencies to remember all of them by heart. Even if you remember some of them, when building a pack of 60+ mods, it's guaranteed that you forget some dependencies, unless you have some super brain. The percentage of mods that actually have dependencies that you forget about, doesn't make it worth your time to check dependencies for every mod you download from CurseForge. The Curse launcher is an abomination and should be forbidden. #MultiMCGroupie If someone could add links to this thread to the lines of code on Github that deal with the creation of this error message, it may be possible for me to create a pull request. So what do you think, do these sound like a good idea? In your reactions, please stick to the numbering I used in this post.
  3. I'm just wondering how Forge managed to break this behaviour in the first place. Is it that deviously coded in vanilla that the most straightforward way for Forge to add a hook for some tree-leaf related mod-feature, caused leafs to drop their "chanced drop" even when harvested with shears? I do see how leaves are unique in some way, but I don't see why there wouldn't simply be a referral to the silk-touch code if shears are used. And if that's what is done, I don't see why that wouldn't work. @LexManos, if you could point me to the code, I'd gladly take a look at it.
  4. This does not happen on vanilla Minecraft. Only when Forge is installed and when Forge is the only "mod" installed. Is this a bug? Or is this a feature?
  5. Since there's no mod I've seen that implements this, I wonder whether or not Forge already has a hook for this: Using Bonemeal on a grass block in different biomes makes different biome-specific plants grow. If this is not already implemented, I'd love to see this hook added. Some references: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1286162?page=581#c11744 http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/suggestions/66128
  6. qCraft adds the functionality to travel between two separate Minecraft servers, taking your items with you. However, the possibility exists that an item on one of both servers does not exist on the other server (even when using the same mods on both servers, but using different configs). This would typically result in the loss of the item(s) that are brought to a place that does not recognize them. For that, I'm trying to implement a new qCraft Item that can be used to "wrap" these non-existent items in, so you can keep them. In their current state, I'd have expected them to work, however they don't seem to. When I try to bring a Magical Crops Enchanted Book with me to a server where these books have been disabled by configs, I immediately get kicked from the server with the message: "NetworkDispatcher exception io.netty.handler.codec.DecoderException: java.io.IOException: Packet was larger than I expected, found 5 bytes extra whilst reading packet 47" I think I am handling the extra information in ItemMissing wrongly, making it take up too much space, but I'd have no idea how to handle it neatly. Could someone help me with this? This is the "dummy" item in question on Github. And this is the piece of code that potentially creates one. Note: I know it's not the most elegant code.
  7. Sorry for the necro, but I have some additional information that people who find this via Google, like me, could find useful: For me it wouldn't let me set the memory flag higher than 1GB, because it used my 32-bit Java Runtime as default. Therefore, the content of my gradle.properties file needed to be: org.gradle.java.home = C:/Program Files/Java/jdk1.8.0_101 org.gradle.jvmargs = -Xmx2g I actually needed more than 2 GB of memory for my particular Gradle daemon though.
  8. Could you have a look at it again? I am pretty sure that Minecraft Comes Alive has to do with this crash as well.
  9. Thank you guys! I think I should be able to move on for at least a while now.
  10. Thank you for your clear answer. The thing is, there only needs to be one set of these settings for the whole save file. This does not have to be saved as a separate set for each and every dimension. For this, I'd need some singular save method, like the way playerdata is stored. What should I be using for this? Something called "LevelSavedData" perhaps? To be clear, this mod was originally written for MC 1.6.4 by dan200 (ComputerCraft) and has since then only been ported to higher versions so some things may have changed to Forge since then, explaining the now outdated format of this code. I was in the progress of porting it from 1.7.10 to 1.8.9 when I came across this issue in the 1.7.10 version of the mod.
  11. Dear everyone, I am trying to repair a bug in the code of qCraft. Because of this, I have quite a few questions about the events named in the title of this post. Question one: 1. This is a dumb one: I assume that the "world" that is referred to in the naming of these methods, is referring to the whole world, as in: "the save file" and not, "the dimension". Am I correct in this? 2. If so, then could someone please explain to me why multiple onWorldLoad Events seem to happen while starting a game and even while playing? (observed by introducing some logging calls) 3. How is it that, at the end of startup of the Unix server I'm maintaining, there is an onWorldSave Event before the first onWorldLoad Event? (This might be a discrepancy in the order these events get called on a Windows and a Unix system, something which shouldn't be possible, which is why I won't state this as a fact.) The trouble I have with these methods is: The server gets started with an empty configuration in memory -> The configuration in memory gets saved to harddisk (effectively removing all valuable information that was there) -> The configuration in memory gets loaded from harddisk (one step too late). In short: all world-specific qCraft information resets on server restart. This is the code responsible for handling all this. I already removed the whole "onWorldUnload" method, because it seems to be completely redundant. Also, that method seems to be called on random moments as well, making things even more broken. 4. So how do you think this could be handled better?
  12. What about the .ini format that IC2 uses? Or isn't that any more structured than the current .cfg format?
  13. There's nothing to make this easier on mod developers either. It'll only be effective if a lot of mods implement this in the same way. Otherwise there will maybe be one mod that is going to pick up on it and since no other mods have it, the functionality in that one mod will never get used.
  14. So before proposing my feature request to you, I am first going to state that this would require some BIG changes and that it may not be feasible to implement these on a Minecraft version that already has a lot of mods, like MC 1.7.10 or 1.8.9. If accepted and implemented quickly, MC 1.9 may be possible, but I guess this can not be implemented any sooner than MC 1.10. So here is the idea: Introduce a new structure for config settings, to allow users/modpack makers to have a separate set of configs for separate dimensions. This would allow for different dimensions to handle for instance, the energy usage of machines, the generation of structures (using multiple Overworlds with the Forge Essentials Multiworld function) or other mod-specific settings in different dimensions separately. Actually this "multiple config sets for the same modpack" idea is the general idea behind my Void of Magic/Tech modpack that is distributed via the FTB launcher. There is, however, a Minecraft forum thread for the pack as well, and there HeadsUpHigh suggested to me that I should take this Idea to the next level. On the Minecraft Forums, HeadsUpHigh and be have been discussing this feature on the Minecraft Forum for a bit and I think that that discussion describes the way we visualize the possibility of this system better than I can explain it here. This is why I am linking the first comment in this discussion here. If you want to know more about the general idea behind my modpack that led to this feature request, you can read about that in the OP.
  15. I am having the same problem and I think that in my case it is my own TiC Heart Cannister. I will test this later today. If someone is having trouble finding out what attribute is causing this, use NBT-Explorer to open your player.dat file. This is my player.dat file. Note: This is the first occurrence of this crash that Google found, so solving it here may actually help people. Necroing/bumping this thread is merely a side effect of this.
  16. 03.10 08:42:31 [server] FML This should not happen. Please report this error to Forge. 03.10 08:42:31 [server] INFO } 03.10 08:42:31 [server] INFO provider: biomesoplenty.common.world.WorldProviderSurfaceBOP 03.10 08:42:31 [server] INFO dimension: 10 03.10 08:42:31 [server] INFO world: QubeSpace 003 03.10 08:42:31 [server] INFO loader: null 03.10 08:42:31 [server] INFO z: -23 03.10 08:42:31 [server] INFO x: 11 03.10 08:42:31 [server] FML Unknown net.minecraftforge.common.chunkio.QueuedChunk { NB: Read in reverse order. This is copied from a MultiCraft interface.
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