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  1. I apologize. [ { "modid": "BleuFoods", "name": "BleuFoods", "description": "Overall food preparation and cooking mod! More original name coming as end goals are realized.", "version": "${version}", "mcversion": "${mcversion}", "url": "", "updateUrl": "", "authorList": ["BleuGamer"], "credits": "", "logoFile": "", "screenshots": [], "dependencies": [] } ] buildscript { repositories { mavenCentral() maven { name = "forge" url = "http://files.minecraftforge.net/maven" } maven { name =
  2. Thank you very much. I made the corrections in the mcmod.info file and the build was successful. Could you clarify? I am having this same issue but I can't decipher what you mean.
  3. Comment out whatever isn't succeeding in the gradle.build and try again, especially if it's code you put in yourself or copied over.
  4. This... worked.... I already have the addition to the gradle.build as what first started derailing my train was the issues with resources and intellij... I assumed running those commands inside of intellij would be sufficient.... I followed the one guys tutorial in that section, so I don't know... I'll dig a bit and see if this is a proper bug... I'm royally confuzzled... if I want to send my projects to git, will the gradle commands work? or what would be the proper way to bring gradle back into the project with minimal risk? I'm a little nervous cause it feels temperamental at the momen
  5. I've scoured the forums, I just know I'm doing something glaringly obvious... My last post was a facepalm but this has me seriously scratching my head. I've followed all the steps, both custom builds of my own and default...I've messed with the gradle build... I even did a clean install of windows AND linux with all defaults and still come up with the same error. It's like it's creating the mod jar file twice. This is with everything launched with factory defaults. I just extract the archive, and run the gradle build with intellij and it spits this out. I've been at this for a
  6. I am an absolute idiot... the external libraries, I never thought to check because the first couple times I tried it only showed the java version... *sigh*
  7. I did this through both the intellij gradle build and the command prompt both separately and together, and the only sorce file I ever see is the example project.
  8. This is most likely a beaten horse, however searching and searching the forums and tutorials finds no complete/blunt answer. I have everything set up directly with idea, but is there no way to see the actual source code of forge and minecraft in 1.7.x(10)? I'm coming back into modding from the 1.4.x and 5.x days, and had all of the code for me to sift through and ponder. I've attempted decompiling and such, but it's awkward to have it so separated. is there a way? or do I have to rely on the javadocs? Or am I missing something blatantly obvious?
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