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  1. I would suggest you my own one https://github.com/DarkRoleplay/Dark-Roleplay-Medieval/tree/1.11/src/main/java/net/dark_roleplay/medieval It has a big variety of things and I am trying to do things as simple as possible. And it's nearly cleaned up But in case you read anything about DRPCore that's just an advanced "library" I use. (Well basically it's a mod adding a completely new and universal crafting System and a few more things in close future)
  2. public static IResource getResource(ResourceLocation location) throws IOException { IResourceManager manager = Minecraft.getMinecraft().getResourceManager(); IResource res = manager.getResource(location); System.out.println(res.getResourceLocation()); return res; } This code is working perfectly for me. Using following method to call it: try { getResource(new ResourceLocation(DRPCoreInfo.MODID, "recipes/test.json")); } catch (IOException | URISyntaxException e) { e.printStackTrace(); } With Following Folder Structure: assets/modid/recipes/test.json
  3. I am not sure but I think the "normal":[{}] might overwrite the defaults Overrides that things. However I am not sure and also don't believe this, but it might be worth a try.
  4. Ok so after a bit of reasearch, it seems that "getAllResources" just returns all version of a resource so, if texture pack 1 has this resource and texture pack 2 you will get booth. So you will still have to search for single resource files.
  5. Ok, it's a little bit harder than just that. You need to add your resource Type to Minecraft. this.metadataSerializer_.registerMetadataSectionType(new TextureMetadataSectionSerializer(), TextureMetadataSection.class); thats an example straight from Minecraft. All this can be found inside the Minecraft class. I will post more as soon as I find a solution as I would also need a function like that. Edit: argh... seems to be the wrong way even though it might work.. have to do a little bit more research on this. Edit 2: 1. I cannot believe how simple it is. 2. You cannot search for a Folder but only for a file.
  6. You can tell Forge that your mod is only required server side using the @Mod anotation.
  7. Do you mean scale like increase the width by 5 pixels or like stretch that GUI for 10 pixels? And this thread might be useful for you too:
  8. Thanks for all that ^^ For now I prefer the graphical variant as on of my Teachers taught me to hate consoles (He didn't say that we should hate them but the way he taught us to work with them D:) However, I am sure its usefully and will slowly try to learn the commands too.
  9. https://github.com/DarkRoleplay/Dark-Roleplay-Core/blob/1.11-Rework/src/main/java/net/dark_roleplay/drpcore/client/events/player/Event_Mouse.java That's how I solved it, I used a tutorial for that but cannot find it. Hoping the code is understandable. And the IExtendedItem ist just an Interface containing a method to get the Items range.
  10. Ok thanks, and sorry for the late response but I have 2 additional questions: 1. I assume the GUI variant of Github doesn't support this (at least it messed my repositories up as I tried id). (P.s. And the GUI doesn't allow this by default sp I used the command line so I may have thought about that earlier :P) 2. What are the correct commands to do a commit and sync it to the repository?
  11. Yeah that would work in case you make correct calculations. I meant the percentag values more for the content, that way you could scale the GUI itself without problems and the elements would automatically adjust. (Exampl for Calculation: (elementPosX/(currentWidth/100)) = element Position on the x axis in percent.)
  12. I've been always using a NBTTagCompound saving first the amount of entrys as an int. And than saving each entry as an additiona NBTTagCompound using a simple For loop to add a number to the name. How to read it is maybe self explanatory.
  13. Heyho folks, that might sound like a stupid question but I have to ask because I messed up my whole repository as I tried to solve this by myself. So I have set up 2 branches on my repository for 2 different Minecraft Versions, now the problem I would like to have booth branches on separate folders to have different Minecraft Versions without needing to change too much every time I switch the branch. I have tried to clone the repository into 2 different Folders but that messed everything up. Another solution I have is to add booth Forge jars to my Workspace, but that's problematic for exports. I would appreciate any Help, thanks in Advance ^^
  14. I would simply say that you can store everything as Percentage values, Positions and Widths. I assume that's the easiest thing you can do.
  15. 2 Methods I can recommend (used booth by myself with blocks having 2000+ Models and safed each time up to 500mb RAM) Nr. 1: Create Separate Models for all possible Combinations (if you have really so much it might be the best to create a tool on your own) Nr. 2: In case you use Minecrafts Multipart Models you should really switch to Forge's Blockstate format, that saves a bunch of RAM. In each case I haven't tested booth methods equally so I cannot say you which one is better. But for the RAM it seems pretty similar, even though Forge's Blockstate model has a longer loading time.
  16. Solved it, however I have to figure out why as I am still new to Entities and never made a real one Edit: Well it seems the modeling Software (Qubble) sets just the Alpha value to 0 in the following line: GlStateManager.color Chaning the 0 to 1 fixes it.
  17. Same Issue... been trying to find the reason however I wasn't very successful with that Entity Class: https://github.com/DarkRoleplay/Dark-Roleplay-Medieval/blob/1.11/src/main/java/net/drpmedieval/common/entities/fox/Entity_Fox.java Renderer and Model: https://github.com/DarkRoleplay/Dark-Roleplay-Medieval/tree/1.11/src/main/java/net/drpmedieval/client/entities/fox Registry is correct unless something changed with 1.11. I would appreciate any help and Thanks in advance!
  18. Ok simple explanation, however I don't know if it's still needed. Every Log that is beeing broken informs all leaves in a specific range of this, the Leaves check then if there are any other Logs in range that can maintain them. If not its decay tag will be changed to true, this means you can simply check for leaves having their decay tag set to true.
  19. Long story I am often anoyed by the missing block variants to wood, like an spruce workbench. And as my mod adds a bunch of decorative things I am using currently already around 200 ID's D: And as it looks I will need do decrease this as I am planning on adding at least 500 blocks more, wood variants not count into these. But thank you for the help ^^ Edit: Oh and some blocks are so complex that they require multiple seperate blocks so they don't destroy the performance to extremely
  20. Is this per Mod like with Entities? As all of my blocks are already above 4096. Oh that's quite useful tahnk you ^^
  21. Thanks but do you know how high it is? Thanks exactly what I was searching for ^^
  22. Heyho, I have 2 questions: 1. Does Minecraft still have an ID limit for Blocks and Items? 2. How is it possible to handle one block as different blocks for the assets like Minecraft does with its Logs? Thanks in Advance! as Minecraft Source didn't tell me anything about that
  23. Oh ok understand it now, it has advantages and disadvantages to learn everything by trial and error Big thanks for the help its always nice to learn something new ^^
  24. Oh... that ^^ Thank you you were right. I assume that also gonna fix a few other "bugs" I had Is that just for the MCP version?
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