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  1. 98% sure i got it. The SeaPickleBlock was a better example . Pickle Rick!!!!!!!
  2. trying to water log an obj model. so far I have been either make it permanently waterlogged or not water on land , but under water it will sometimes leave a side of air on the model. placing another block next to it will correct it , and when that block is removed, the model stays under water correctly. public class WaterShape extends YabmBlock implements IWaterLoggable { public static final DirectionProperty FACING = HorizontalBlock.HORIZONTAL_FACING; public static final BooleanProperty WATERLOGGED = BlockStateProperties.WATERLOGGED; public WaterShape(Properties prope
  3. waterlogged obj model block sometimes leaves a side of airPlace another block next to it, corrects it. that maybe a force update would fix it' starting another post about WATERLOGGED
  4. how can i force a block to update?
  5. running out of ideas. Try turning off smooth lighting. long shot: check if any models UV is > 1x1x1
  6. so no single model is > 1 x 1 x 1 ?
  7. if the model size must be between 0 - 1, if it gets bigger then that , minecraft lighting will have problems.
  8. can you show the material file you used? and you can try : in the minecraft/config open the forge-client.toml file set experimentalForgeLightPipelineEnabled = true forgeLightPipelineEnabled = false
  9. thats pretty much it. the problem i was running into, if the sequence is broken (game crash, switching to a new item or block, re-logging in) that the next use would start over to the first state. TheGreyGhost code, after the gem was used it was destroyed , so no issues about starting over
  10. this post has gone strange. you sent me to https://github.com/TheGreyGhost/MinecraftByExample/tree/master/src/main/java/minecraftbyexample/mbe12_item_nbt_animate I have been working off of that. what i want to do is: item first click save position && facing , send click get the new position , execute code using those positions. I'm starting over from the top trying to understand TheGreyGhost code. Ty for you patience.
  11. Its at the top of the post
  12. kiou.23 how could i have the data from the first click if i don't save it?
  13. im having an issue , where the sequence of things is out of order. where im expecting the first click, it's on the 2nd. Maybe on need better logic. just thinking if i new on reload make it easier to know im in the correct order d.
  14. bad phrasing , when i reload the world, the data from the tag is still there from the last session. Is the a way when a new session is started to have the tag deleted
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