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  1. if i understand it correctly , it pretty much uses a loop to remove / change the blocks individually . Which is what I'm already doing. on another note, if you want to some serious code, check out the command package
  2. I've been looking for the command code, not having any luck. just found it checking it out now
  3. Is there all ready Minecraft / Forge code to easily to this. I have done it by looping through. There seems there should be there already
  4. I ported my eclipse and mod directory to a new computer, when a try to launch in the IDE i received this error: Description Resource Path Location Type The container 'Project and External Dependencies' references non existing library 'C:\Users\storo\.gradle\caches\modules-2\files-2.1\cpw.mods\modlauncher\5.1.0\b9caea28c3fd15fd2c971cb41c44855767f7dbc8\modlauncher-5.1.0.jar' yabm5 I have looked around on the web, but can't find anything
  5. how many collision boxes could exist before slowing things down too much? If there were 16 CB in a block that might have 500 in a chunk how bad would be the speed hit? Or is pointless to worry about it?
  6. try turning on : experimentalForgeLightPipelineEnabled = true it in the .minecraft\config\forge-client.toml
  7. that worked thank you. Always save the liver , .. i mean toml
  8. I received so build errors today, everything was fine no my project has listed: asscesstransformers-2.04-shardowed.jar evenbus-2.0.-milestone.1-service.jar coremods-2.0.0 forgespi-2.0.0 modlauncher-5.0.0 modlauncher .... as missing. If i run anyway the game comes up, and seems to be fine, i down loaded the latest build () and ran gradlew eclipse, didn't help. what do i do to get those files back?
  9. Minecraft not understanding .mtl # WaveFront *.mtl file (generated by Cinema 4D) newmtl MI_WEP_WindmillShuriken Kd 0.80000001192093 0.80000001192093 0.80000001192093 map_Kd -o 0.000 1.000 wdns3dnm:model/windmill_shuriken illum 7 remove the -o stuff , and the illum 7 and you only need 0.800. The kd map should be pointing to a texture
  10. Thank you i was wondering
  11. the getCollisionShape, getShape, getRaytraceShapeget and getRenderShape are all deprecated, so what should i be using?
  12. thanks for the help guys ?
  13. I want to REPLACE the positon with minecraft:glass_pane
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