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  1. thanks i forgot you can do that with resource packs.
  2. I wanted to change the default skin inside the jar file for my brothers because they see me as default steve and i have a skin on my character... This is a very stupid bug in single-multiplayer that is still not fixed by mojang as of minecraft 1.7.10. And every time i change the steve.png file it reverts it back to default. I tried to make the folder 1.7.10 or the file steve.png read only, but then minecraft forge wont start.. why the heck cant i just change such a simple thing and is there a way to change it?
  3. I dont think Microsoft would stop modding, because minecraft would be alot more boring without mods and less people would play it/ buy it = less money. Also I think they should hire LexManos since hes making minecraft a more enjoyable game and hopefully they will.
  4. I am already using forge 1.8 with 1.8.1 minecraft version and it seems to work fine. But still looking forward to an actual release of forge 1.8.1. Thanks
  5. I think they should match not to create mislead.
  6. Says 2.0 but download is 1.0. fix your title or your download...
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