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  1. Improves the tool and armor recycling system - tools and armor now, instead of always yielding exactly 1 nugget when recycled, yield a number of nuggets proportional to their durability. The maximum amount, by default, is 1.5 nuggets for each ingot used to craft it; this ratio can be adjusted in the configuration. The minimum amount is 1. Mod download: recycling-1.0.jar Source download (Available under a Creative Commons Attribution license): ModMain.java
  2. When attempting to load an invalid loot table, forge will usually detect that the loot table is invalid and simply reject it, printing a message to the console (which I believe is the intended behavior). However, in some cases, it apparently fails to notice that it is invalid and tries to parse it anyway, producing a server crash when you try to load a world containing that loot table (and, in the case of singleplayer worlds, causing the game to hang on the loading world screen). An example of a loot table that causes this crash (it has an extra comma before the last pool). The log. The crash report.
  3. Features (Yeah, I know, a lot of these have been done before.): -Hardness and Blast Resistance of Obsidian are configurable (defaulting to vanilla values), whatever you set will also used to determine the hardness and blast resistance of this mod's obsidian-based blocks and any that may appear in my future mods. -Obsidian Armor is available in both enchanted (Fire Protection IV/Blast Protection IV/Unbreaking II) and non-enchanted variants -Obsidian Armor offers roughly the same protection as diamond with slightly higher toughness, but has less durability -Wearing full enchanted obsidian armor gives constant fire resistance status -Obsidian Armor cannot be enchanted with an enchanting table or in an anvil -Both armor variants give increased knockback resistance, but reduce speed -Obsidian blocks can be smelted into ingots, used to craft the non-enchanted armor -Obsidian ingots can be crafted into the polished variant by adding blaze powder (recipe subject to change), the polished variant is used to craft the enchanted armor (this will likely be made more expensive in the future) -New Blocks: Obsidian Bricks (Crafted from 4 Obsidian Ingots for a batch of 4), Chiseled Obsidian (Crafted from 4 Polished Obsidian Ingots for a batch of 4), Obsidian Glass (Crafted from 4 Obsidian Ingots + 5 Glass for a batch of 5), and Glowing Obsidian (Crafted from 5 Polished Obsidian Ingots + 4 Glowstone Blocks for a batch of 5) -Includes language files in American English and Pirate, more translations may be added in the future Download: sjobsidian-1.0.jar The source code for this mod can be found here under a CC BY-SA license.
  4. I'm glad you figured it out, I've never really messed with those parts of the API before.
  5. I'm looking at the latest forge MDK for 1.8 and they seem to have changed that anyway, so I guess that probably isn't your problem. I guess just try what diesieben suggested.
  6. In forge for 1.8, the forge folder is not itself the project folder, it's a workspace folder containing the project folder. Thus, import the project folder within the forge folder; or set the workspace to the forge folder. Don't import the forge folder itself. (At least, this was how it was set up when I worked with forge for 1.8 a couple of years ago.) They changed this aspect of the setup sometime between 1.8 and 1.11.
  7. This is a mod that enables armor stands' arms automatically when they are placed. That's literally it. It's easily the tiniest mod I've ever made. (I've decided to break apart the bigger mod I was making into a bunch of smaller mods because most of the features just make more sense that way.) Mod Download: better_armorstands-1.0.jar Source Download (do with it as you wish): src.zip
  8. Yeah, that worked. Thanks again, diesieben.
  9. I have a custom block (an instance of an anonymous subclass of my BlockGeneric class, which itself extends net.minecraft.Block) which I have marked (by overriding canEntityDestroy within the anonymous subclass) as indestructible by the ender dragon and would also like to mark as immovable by pistons. How would I do this?
  10. This is a mod I put together over the last couple of days, which I was originally going to include as part of a larger mod I'm working on but wound up turning into its own separate mod instead. It's a fairly small mod which adds a new tab to the creative inventory containing a variety of custom player heads (plus the six default ones). Custom player heads are already obtainable in vanilla using commands, this mod just makes a selection of them available in the creative inventory. Screenshots: Download: heads-1.0.jar The source code for this mod is available here under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.
  11. Instead of using slightly different loot table syntaxes for vanilla loot tables and custom loot tables (why does it do this, anyway?), forge should allow you to use the vanilla syntax for both.
  12. Add an instance of EntityAIBreakDoor to its AI tasks.
  13. And... after rearranging a few things in my proxy classes, that seems to have fixed it. Thanks, diesieben!
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