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  1. I just made .dat files, they use the same save/load system as Minecraft. I like the NBT system a lot. There is just one thing, Is it me or is it impossible to remove tags?
  2. I still think it's a little hard to read. If you change the dropshadow to a small outer glow I think it will be better readable. I think the background is awesome! What program do you use? Photoshop, If so, if you don't mind, can you please send the PSD file, that makes it easier to re-scale,... And the avatar is just a png from google If you'd like you can make a new one. (I like the transparency on the avatar, that way you can use it on all forum without an ugly white box around it)
  3. I'm going to integrate the player tied system in SimperPermissions so all the mods that use permissions can set player-tied data, that way I only need to code it once, and not for every mod ;-). I found out after wanting to /home after I tried swimming in lava I'm gonna store it in the folder SP uses for it's config and ranks and permissions. I might even 'Upgrade' the permission/rank files to .dat files (I finally found out how MC stores them)
  4. SP doesn't exist anymore. That's the whole point, all mods will have to be SMP to do anything.
  5. Is it intentional that you lose the saved EntityData when a player dies? Its kind of annoying, especially because I found that out after coding 2 mods that use it as a permanent player-tied data storage. To bypass that I assume I need to write my own data storage system? (It will probably use a username.dat, just in a different folder :'()
  6. Ok, I took a better look at what was happening, and it seems like the install.cmd copies the entire /fml/src to /src/minecraft_server (not just the server code, all of it). Also, it seems that 2.2.X.X are the working versions for 1.2.5, 2.9 is for 1.3. Ps, The readme says that FML can be used without forge.
  7. You need forge. If FML could work independently you wouldn't need forge.
  8. I want to make a version of my mod SimpleServerBackup (and possibly others) with only FML so you won't need a modded client to connect, but I can't get FML working. I have tried with "fml-src-" and "fml-src-" but I keep getting spammed with errors when recompiling. I hope this is the right place for this as FML is part of Forge and I hope you guys have some experience with it. (the error log is huge....) The problem is solved I high-jacked the foge install script and removed the forge/src and forge/patches. This only installs FML, but the setup finches with errors. If you then manually execute Recompile, updatemcp, updatenames and updatemd5 it seems to work...
  9. Yes, with Move and Copy I use that site if I don't know a command. It has a manual for CMD, Powershell, Linux Bach, ....
  10. Just make a .bat with these commands: This will recompile, get the changed .java files (modsrc/) and the changed .class files (reobf/)
  11. LOL That works too... I just made a Powershell script that makes a zip for the build and throws that in my Google Drive and stuff like that, I could modify it to copy the source files to GitHub...
  12. With a scenario like this I mean a Forge mod. The repo on github can't include MC or Forge code and should to sync up with Eclipse. There is an Eclipse plugin that can interact with Git, but I haven't got that working. A 2th option would be manually coping files from your Eclipse to GitHub and vice versa. Then you got the source code covered. (And I assume you can link GitHub and Jenkins to make an automated build platform?)
  13. You don't need to actually care about ForgeModloader, If you use the 'full' version of forge. If you want to recompile the code you changed (For release or a test version) You need to run the following scripts (In your MCP folder): 1. recompile.bat/.sh 2. getchangedsrc.bat/.sh 3. reobfuscate.bat/.sh The changed code get put in modsrc/ The code you need to distribute (the actual mod) gets put in reobf/
  14. Me The problem is that there is no documentation (that I know of) for a scenario like this. If I figure it out, I'm making a Wiki article.
  15. I used that, I found the GUI irritating.... Looks too much like windows 8 (But still easier then learning Git commendline...)
  16. I agree that there should be a 'help' thing for forge modders, the github help page is not helpful at all. I want to do my mod on github too, but there is just no way I can get it working, and yes, I tied. I tried a lot. There is no documentation at all for this and I would love to share what I learned when I tried this, but this is what I found out....
  17. Is it possible to "intercept" a player spawning (on a server) so you can control where? And if so, would you be able to tell if it's a new player, a dead player,.... Or how you could at least "override" the location by tping to a set of coordinates. Thanks in advance, I'm working on a setspawn command and a separate spawn for new players/different ranks. (Now i think there is a spawning area, and so spawn is not a fixed position, so setspawn isn't very useful)
  18. I want to make my own "Player.dat" type of file. This would be used to save the setting and permissions for a rank. but I cant seem to find how to save the NBT stuff in a separate file (I can add stuff to the player.dat, that no problem So If anyone knows how, pleas reply.
  19. I only need the forge hook approved and make the system error proof (make it so you can add and remove regions ingame and don't kill the server if you type the command wrong)
  20. O nice, I think i wanna format the file like this: Name1;PosX;PosZ;Radius Name2;PosX;PosZ;Radius Name3;PosX;PosZ;Radius Name4;PosX;PosZ;Radius the names would make it easier to manage i think (If a permisson system is added I'dd add ";permlvl", if you are above the lvl specifyd you can edit)
  21. Yea, maybe... I'm trying to do it list-based now, saved in a .txt file (like the ops are saved) but I'm afraid that's gonna lag a lot
  22. I have just sent a Pull-request for a hook that makes stuff like this possible. Now I need to figure out what the best way is to save the 'regions' and there radius.
  23. I want to make my mod 100% client side free so I started to play with FML and before i was even started i ran into a problem: When I run the Install.cmd this happens: Any help?
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