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  1. 1. NBT data is used to save data needed by the TileEntity (TE). This is used to store data about the items and setting in the machine. 2. No clue. 3. There are tools for that, forgot the name.
  2. A gamemode is basically a set of player. abilities. You can tell the player he can fly, instabreak, don't break/place blocks,..... If that is good enough, then there you have it. (Shameless plug:) I use a similar system to grant players flight but not creative mode with the command /fly.
  3. All mods that actually add content (blocks, items) need a client side to.
  4. yes, have you setup MCP? it needs to run where all the other scripts are run, the MCP root
  5. There is a tutorial on the wiki, I made it. You can easily use the part about GitHub, but the jenkins part is more like a guideline. Find it here
  6. I thinks that's because it doesn't understand the common folder thing yet. I'm currently working on someones jenkins, when I'm don't (and it works) I'll post the file here.
  7. Try the modsloader one, or use a variable that gets initialized @ServerStartup, I use the variable style, I found it works better and it looks cleaner, but that is opinion.
  8. https://github.com/MinecraftForge/MinecraftForge/pull/136 Hope its good enough
  9. this is posted in the wrong sectio by mistake, can someone move it to suggestions? Thanks OvermindDL1
  10. MCPatcher, Don't use it, IT SUCKS (It does stuff it shouldn't do) Use Optifine Ps installing mods is easy, Open minecraft.jar with 7z(or other archiver) and drag Forge in the jar. Install all other mods by placing the zips in the .minecraft/mods folder (gets generated 1th rime forge is installed) --> Unless otherwise instructed by the mod information (from where you downloaded the mod)
  11. I would like the method to be override-able by my own pane so I can make my panes connect to other blocks. If there is an other way of doing this (without making a custom render) I'd like to know. Ps. Method in question: canThisPaneConnectToThisBlockID in class BlockPane, line 196
  12. Look for the code that plays the break sound. (the Item class maybe?) Ps, 1.2.5 is end of life!
  13. As promised, a tutorial. I hope its good enough....
  14. If you make a command class, register it by ServerCommandManager.registerCommand(new CommandPing()); the you can (in the processCommand sub of the commandclass) use the ICommandSender. ICommandSender is basically a player.
  15. try going from the bow/arrow code and do it step by step. With extensive testing! The second you get an error, you know where you went wrong. (I shouldn't be the one telling you this, I don't do it the 'clean' way eater )
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