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  1. You didn't reobfuscate properly. In eclipse, copy all your package files into the 'Minecraft' project (into either the common folder or the src folder), and THEN run recompile and reobfuscated. Your working mod will be outputted into rebof/minecraft
  2. I'm experimenting with writing a mod that can be both a coremod and a mod (it changes logging a bit, so when it is loaded affects it), but I need to work out a way to stop the @Mod mod from loading if the coremod is already loaded. So how can I disable it from inside the @Mod?
  3. Extract JAR file somewhere, then get fernflower from <mcp folder>/runtime/bin/fernflower.jar. Open up cmd (or similar), pushd to the folder where your JAR was extracted, and run fernflower folderwithclasses folderforsource.
  4. Try setting up MCP in a different folder. Might be leftover lockfiles from a previous crash (the first one was different, i guess?), that's probably the easiest way to fix it.
  5. I'm setting up 1.4 now, there's probably a private field in the container that has something to do with it. You could use a coremod - you could either make crafters public or playerList public. There's a tutorial on the wiki (which I wrote), which should work, it will help you to write a coremod that does this. This is where you can find it Tell me if you have problems. I probably made a mistake somewhere (but it did work for me )
  6. The logs are in <mcp folder>/logs. Now post them, or no more help
  7. - Dont bump threads, it's annoying Do you mean EntityPlayerMP? If you use a ContainerFurnace then you can use ContainerFurnace.setPlayerIsPresent(EntityPlayerMP player, Boolean isWatching). To get an EntityPlayerMP from an EntityPlayer, simply cast it (EntityPlayerMP newPlayer = (EntityPlayerMP) entityPlayer
  8. Try deleting any NEI-related configs in the world save folder. Might be something going wrong there.
  9. I worked it out You append -f to the access in the at cfg: public-f CraftingManager.instance
  10. Redownload the latest CCC and NEI. Your CodeChickenCore is broken.
  11. Look for 'keka' on the Mac app store, or get it from here: http://download.kekaosx.com/ It looks decent. What you do now is copy the WINDOWS instructions, but open minecraft.jar with keka.
  12. Looks like optifine. Install forge first, and THEN optifine. Make sure you use a 4.x version of forge.
  13. Ah... I see... . Are you sure that hardClay and softClay aren't equal? And the same for rune and magicOrb? That seems like the most likely explanation.
  14. It's probably better if you try and avoid it (look for hooks to do what you're doing, or ask in suggestions for a method doing what you need to be added) - and the error is probably occurring in EntityPlayer - you might be referencing WorldClient there.
  15. Check all your for loops start with for (int i = 0; ...) two of yours have i = 1.
  16. Are you editing base class files? And if not, go and read a tutorial on the internet on how to make a mod folder mod.
  17. Add codechickencore and nei to the <mcp>/jars/coremods. <mcp>/jars is the same as .minecraft Although... Since NEI's been obfuscated and minecraft hasn't at that point... Just give me a few minutes (decompiling minecraft), and I'll check and come back. EDIT: That doesn't work. You'd have to talk to ChickenBones...
  18. Ah, but I'm doing it in the opposite direction - Rather than porting forge itself to Bukkit, I'm creating a coremod for a vanilla server that acts as a layer between forge and the Bukkit API.
  19. I'm *attempting* to implement the Bukkit API under minecraft forge, and a lot of the plugins output to standard output, rather then using the logger (like they should be). I don't really want to change System.out, since FML changes it and changing it again might mess things up badly.
  20. You could look and see how enchantments work and try and adapt that to suit your needs (?)
  21. Where would I want to put calls to disable the server GUI? My mod is a coremod, I just need to know the best way to get this to work...
  22. Is it still the same error? The first error wasn't because of the modified jars, it was because something was being called incorrectly: So try downloading a newer forge... And can you tell me what version of python you have (python --version)?
  23. Did you actually copy the .minecraft/bin and .minecraft/resources folder into mcp/jars, along with minecraft_server.jar? EDIT: Don't mind me, just skim-reading...
  24. You could look at the vanilla code for ghasts and squids (it's often very helpful), but I think that jumpMovementFactor might have something to do with it. I don't do much modding of that kind, though, so I may be completely wrong.
  25. Force update minecraft, re-setup mcp.
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