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  1. if the block already has an item then you can use HarvestDropsEvent. you first add a chance float then add your item. if the block has no drops or you want the item to drop with any tool (such as allowing obsidian to drop from an iron pciaxe) then you can use BreakEvent and spawn the item in the world.
  2. to store your own variables per player you want to create a class that extends IExtendedEntityProperties, but then you will need to create your own graphic GUI overlay by creating a class that extends Gui. I suggest looking up a tutorial on those classes first.
  3. I am not sure about minecart since it is an Item not a block, I have not yet messed with it but there is a specific event dedicated to minecarts 'MinecartEvent'. sadly I have no idea how to get the destruction or death of it though
  4. What? No! you're not? that's how I did all of my commands and they work, what's the better way?
  5. for 1.8 you want to implement ICommand Also I can not see a constructor, should add one with no parameters but inside the constructor add your aliases you want it to allow.
  6. honestly I'm just guessing. but it will add a new model mesh renderer to your item.
  7. maybe you are following an out of date tutorial. try it that way.
  8. the second half of my post....
  9. coaldust = new coaldust().setUnlocalizedName("coaldust").setTextureName("al:coaldust").setCreativeTab(tabAlchimia); add these methods in the constructor instead. you are not registering your textures try this... if (event.getSide() == Side.CLIENT) { regTexture(blockSau); } public void regTexture(Item item) { Minecraft.getMinecraft().getRenderItem().getItemModelMesher().register(item, 0, new ModelResourceLocation(MODID + ":" + item.getUnlocalizedName().substring(5), "inventory")); }
  10. post your code. code helps, always reference code.
  11. the letter goes first. 'D', StormMastery.extraction, 'P', Items.potionitem);
  12. you need to register and render the item BEFORE calling the recipe, I do all recipes in init and all item creating, registering, rendering etc in pre-init
  13. Ok it seems I can't do this from 'Block.isToolEffective()'. I'll try just doing getStrVsBlock and see if it is > 1.0f
  14. a) I can't seem to get 'world' from playerEvent.BreakSpeed so I had to make my own to not need that parameter. b) I'm still a little confused about how the classes calculate this all, it seems pickaxes are a special, other then that it calls the getHarvestTool method on the block and checks if that is ok? or something like that. it is a bit inconsistent and hard to follow but I'm learning my way through it.
  15. yes, I was commenting on your code, can be tidied up a bit by doing that. you can manually add code just by using the BB [ code] //your code here [ /code] without the space (I dont know how to escape BB code).
  16. you want to put the imports above all your functions such as import java.util.List; import net.minecraft.world.IBlockAccess @Override public void someFunction(theEvent e) { } note, this is only if you create the item class yourself and you want to override the super class.
  17. this is the event... @SubscribeEvent public void onPlayerMineEvent(PlayerEvent.BreakSpeed event) { ItemStack helditem = event.entityPlayer.getCurrentEquippedItem(); Block block = event.state.getBlock(); IBlockState blockstate = event.state; event.newSpeed = -1; if (helditem == null) { if (block == Blocks.tallgrass || block == Blocks.double_plant) { event.newSpeed = 1f; } } else if (isEffective(helditem, blockstate)) { if (helditem.getItem() instanceof WoodenRake) { event.newSpeed = event.originalSpeed * 0.2f; } else { event.newSpeed = event.originalSpeed * 0.33f; } } } which calls this method... public boolean isEffective(ItemStack helditem, IBlockState block) { if (helditem.getItem().isItemTool(helditem)) { Set<String> tooltypes = helditem.getItem().getToolClasses(helditem); for (String s : tooltypes) { if (block.getBlock().isToolEffective(s, block)) { return true; } } } return false; } I wan't to (as all programmers should) avoid as many repeats in code as possible, and use this code to make you only able to break blocks with the correct tools only and nothing else (with a few exceptions like tall grass).
  18. That isn't exactly what I mean. I wanted this code... if (block.getBlock().isToolEffective(s, block)) { return true; } To work on a custom tooltype string. This I don't think is possible.
  19. events is how you change player / world interaction, I think it is the most important part of modding.
  20. HOW?! please help! that would be amazing if I can get them to work.
  21. try something like this.... @SubscribeEvent public void onHarvestEvent(HarvestDropsEvent event) { if (event.state.getBlock() == Blocks.wheat) { event.drops.clear(); event.drops.add(new ItemStack(Items.wheat_seeds, 1, 1)); } } haven't tested yet but should be close to what you want.
  22. ohhh ok I THINK this is what you are after. you want to subscribe to HarvestDropsEvent. then clear the drops, then add the seed back in with the quantity of 1. of cause checking that the block harvested is the correct block you want to change etc etc.
  23. I had a look back and it turns out I am asking something that's impossible. I wanted to add a new "ToolType" and add blocks that this tool is effective against. But I think the only way to do this is change vanilla code and no way to do it using forge hooks. Just encase there is please let me know? basically I want my new tool type "rake" and make some blocks effective to "shovel" and "rake" PS: I really think this is impossible with forge hooks only.
  24. don't they do that already? wheat drops a wheat seed, carrot drops a carrot seed
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