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  1. Just a thought, your mod list for the server is showing 64 mods while the client is showing 81.
  2. For those that haven't seen this, next month MinecraftForums.net will be archived and will become read only, effectively shutting down. I know it doesn't directly affect Forge, but it does affect the community since many modders still connect with their audience there.
  3. For now, you can do this in the model bake event. You’ll also need to register the model textures manually as well in the texture stitch event.
  4. Likely an issue with a mod's version or some other setting in a "mods.toml" file. Ran into this yesterday with a mod using this setting: version="${file.jarVersion}"
  5. Actually, the model loaders are there and implemented. You can load the models just fine manually (I'm this right now). However, this is not the desired behavior if you want to be able to override the model with a resource pack.
  6. That's just a stand alone test to see whether or not the obj model is loading. For help and bug reports, it's always best to see things in their simplest form. Since none of the Forge test/debugging mods have been ported, it's possible there's something still missing in order for the OBJ models to be loaded from blockstate files.
  7. I've tried and can't get it to work. I threw together a basic test out of the MDK and bits from ModelLoaderRegistryDebug out of Forge 1.10.2 debug. The Blockstate json probably isn't quite right as I'm a little hazy on the syntax changes for 1.13.2, but should be good enough for testing: https://github.com/lehjr/Forge-1.13.2-OBJ-Test
  8. Looks like the issue is in ModelBakery#loadModel, specifically, where ".json" is appended to the resource path. In 1.12.2, this was not done: 1.13.2: iresource = this.resourceManager.getResource(new ResourceLocation(location.getNamespace(), "models/" + location.getPath() + ".json")); 1.12.2 iresource = this.resourceManager.getResource(this.getModelLocation(location)); which means you should be seeing a message like: [minecraft/ModelBakery]: Unable to load model: ':block/some_model.obj' referenced from: some_blockstate: java.io.FileNotFoundException: mod_id:models/block/some_model.obj.json Edit: Oops.. not entirely correct. While hat was true, seems I didn't follow the rabbit hole deep enough as getModelLocation actually does what is in 1.13.2, just with one less method.
  9. For IntelliJ, you'll want to use a the .idea based config rather than the *.ipr based config, since gradlew genIntellijRuns uses the .idea based config.
  10. Looks like you're trying to load a mod for a different version of Minecraft.
  11. In my response, onSolidGround() will actually check if the entire area under the entity as you described what you thought your original methods were doing in your original post. onSolidGround2() (naming? ) will check a box. Set offsetStart to how far under the entity you want to start. Set offsetEnd to how far above you want to start. isSolid is just a helper for both.
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