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  1. Show the Block class, maybe you are missing one of the isFullCube() or isFullyOpaque() methods
  2. You meant tick not second correct? 2o ticks are one second(normally) so when you only run your code every 20 ticks it only runs every second And yes i meant to not run it every tick
  3. Just dont run the code every second. Create a TickHandler/Timer which counst the ticks and only if for example you reach 20 (second) you run your code.
  4. you write/read to nbt on every update which is once a tik, which is 20 times a second. I think read and write to nbt should only be done on world load or unload...
  5. Where is your registerRenders() in the COmmon proxy getting called to call the one in the client Proxy?
  6. We still dont know what your MathHelper.floor_double Method deos. nbody will understand this thread in the future
  7. Why do you check for the class??? just check for the Block instance Blocks.Crops itself...
  8. Would this really be better, just because the code is a bit shorter? I mean you store the Strings in the Array the whole time with that solution
  9. Use GameRegistry.register(Object k) But you have to register the itemblock on its own now.
  10. Solution: the .mcmeta files have to be named filename.png.mcmeta, nor filename.mcmeta
  11. Yeah, but what can teh error be? does the mcmeta files and textures have to be linked else where?
  12. Block.getBlockHardness is, use the blockstate version with state as object.
  13. I copied them over and it makes sense they are needed after i looked into them, but i get the same error (refreshed my IDE). It seems like they are not beeing used (i renamed them to match my texture names). What else do i need to do?
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