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  1. You should probably stop development of Forge as MS is firmly against modding (hell, it is even in Xbox TOS).
  2. Sorry, but that site is blocked in my country. What's his twitter?
  3. Good luck with porting over Forge to 1.8 and I am happy that you are not such drama queen like certain other MC mod devs. Since many people are waiting and you said it'll take some time to port it to 1.8, can you give status updates from time to time?
  4. It'd be cool if you would add Bullet physics to blocks. So birds would destroy things in Angrybirds way. But that would probably require base edits.
  5. Did I make thread like this there? Yes I did: http://minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,266.0.html ! Please use search function some more (@mods, maybe thread merge?). Also I am 100% for that to be bundled with Forge as it will help both modders (they will have more ids use, so smaller probability that two mods will use same ID, except those that are already made) and players (hopefully lesser amount of block config errors). IMO some kind of ID Resolver solution for newly installed mods, perhaps based on Redpower's autoassign code would be good from player's standpoint. And by newly installed mods I mean mods with no config files, so mods that you have or had installed and your worlds should be safe. Bu this is offtopic.
  6. Can't it be like that (in pseudo code): if (connectedtoserver) { be dumb client} else { do normally}?
  7. How about it? It would make life easier for both modders and players.
  8. Just remember you can always do manual obfuscation. Just remember to leave class names intact. You can change all class variable names into something meaningless and turn all strings into arrays of ints which are storing character's unicode/ascii value, maybe with rot13 applied.
  9. No, checking for duplicates would be done server-side. Basically server would store list of String variables containing all mods for for specified client. So if client would report ForgeAPI two times, it will be detected. Also packets that report nothing (empty strings or null) will be detected also and user will get kicked or banned, depending on policy of server.
  10. Never heard of it, does it overwrite base files? Nope, it's a ML mod. MCPatcher breaks things. Which exactly? Never heard of it, does it overwrite base files? I am unsure, and can't find it right now. Never heard of it, does it overwrite base files? Yes, but only yw.class. Other classes are intact. I think I was able to, but been a long while since I have tried. Can you try it for me? I don't want to try strange things like magic launcher that let me have different jars, unless I have to.
  11. Don't you think that it would look suspicious if there would be reported two mods with same name? Boom, hack detected.
  12. I am considering installing MCForge on my jar, but I am unsure about compatibility issues. I know it is not compatible with Watershader, but I don't use it anymore anyway for performance reasons. 1. Is MCForge not compatible with any of mods from the following list: - Noppes' NPCMod - Mods from MCPatcher - Modloader - Huge Trees Are Huge - Cape mod by cjz__ (mccapes.com) 2. Can I play with forge jar on non-forge servers? I recall this have been issue in the past, is it still?
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