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  1. They have a 1.8.9 release. And an github they have a branch for 1.9. So give it a few days/weeks and there will be an option.
  2. I think the mod "NotEnoughKeys" is what you are looking for, it adds a Conflicting Menu to the keybinds.
  3. I doubt I know everything that is involved but: - Forge needs to call the right methods in the game code, which is obfuscated so the names change with each version - Implementing ways to use new features in a safe way - Add Minecraft blocks/items to the oredictionary - "fix" some broken stuff in Minecraft
  4. Probably the same that happen to every forge version after an update? They will focus on the newest one. And since there seem to be no major changes between 1.9.4 and 1.10 the mods should be able to update rather quickly.
  5. It's not anything like an api... it's like saying the command blocks were a step towards the api. All it is, is a neat way for the devs to add small additions easier and have the same capabilities as mods that let you add basic blocks or mobs via json. But you cannot add anything beyond the limits of a simple text file to minecraft with this. Forge as an third-party sort-of-api gaves you amazing things like Thaumcraft and EU/RF, Moving entire villages with Frame-Machines... this "api" would allow you to add a different variant of andersite.
  6. What do you mean? Something like a .rar files that contains all the mods and forge loads all mods in that .rar or something like a simple text file that lists all the mods and version and forge will download them?
  7. Oh no, Forge for 1.9 came out May 4th... 1.9 was released and of February. If you are not patient enough to wait for a FREE service, to it yourself!
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