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  1. It's not. It's EXPLICITLY not endorsed by us. It's a shitty random project that has decided to steal the MCP name and pretend to be a legit project. We didn't "help create" it. It just stole our tools and used them specifically for what we told them not to be used for. It's a lazy project that actively tries to move our community back 8 years and does nothing but cause confusion and waste our time by tricking people like you into bugging us. Nobody should be using it. MCP is dead. Let it stay dead.
  2. Nope, Vanilla deletes unknown data. Your only hope is to have a backup somewhere. This is why we tell people not to mix vanilla/modded installs.
  3. That's fine, there is someone working on updating the old installers. But its a stupid low priority as people should be using modern versions. As for things pointing at maven central, yes we need to move those to our server but again stupid old versions are low on the priority list. So... This comes into the case of, nobody really cares and if you care enough, help out the guys who are working on it. Until then you can manually download any necessary files.
  4. I understand your intention, that is not supported here. Yes explicitly things like Badlion/Lunar. Shipping full 'client's is against Mojang's EULA, specifically the distribution of wholesale parts of their code. Combined with the scummy anti-user practice of having them enter their credentials into random 3rd party 'clients' We are Forge. Make a Forge mod. That's the only answer you're gunna get.
  5. First off, don't. Config based registry entries are EXPLICITLY designed to be a PITA because you SHOULD NOT be doing it.
  6. You can view your own post in your profile. There has been only one post moved to the trash and it's because you keep asking how to make a core/jar mod which is not supported here. We have moved past such things 5+ years ago. We will not help you step backwards in time and explicitly break Mojang's EULA. You don't need a 'client', you need need a mod. Anyways, move on.
  7. This is a lwjgl issue, once they release their update to fix their end. Then Mojang uptakes that to everyone or you hack it in yourself then it'll work. But, this isn't a Forge issue. So look upstream.
  8. Minecraft doesn't have 'default nbt', best you're gunna get is the capability init function.
  9. Better would be to explain what exactly you're trying to accomplish, Why do you need a per-itemstack callback?
  10. Replacing vanilla blocks work just fine. The problem is Mojang wrote bad code that uses direct references to their versions of the blocks for the world gen. And to change it would be literally 700+ new patch files. Nobody has bothered to grind out the work that would need to be done to do it. Mainly because it's not worth the effort. I highly doubt you have a explicit need to replace dirt. Whatever you're trying to acomplish can probably be done in a different way that doesn't break things.
  11. No, this is not a feature of the java edition.
  12. Check your anti-virus. If things are just 'disappearing' then most likely your AV is being over-zealous
  13. Some zip managers like to take control of the .jar file extension away from Java. Make sure you have Java installed and try running Jarfix once, then try the installer again.
  14. https://linuxcommand.org/lc3_lts0020.php Run the game from the correct directory...
  15. It puts them in the working directory. So it's up to however you're running the jar.
  16. You need to be sure to run the installer normally. If you do, then the files it's failing to find will exist.
  17. Why are you trying to run optifine on the server?
  18. 1.12 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
  19. Please download the .jar version of the installer (not the Installer-Win variant) from our official downloads page: http://files.minecraftforge.net Open the folder containing the downloaded file in Windows Explorer. Hold down shift and right-click an empty space, then select "Open command window here". In the new window type java -Djava.net.preferIPv4Stack=true -jar [name of the installer], replacing [name of the installer] with the complete file name of the installer, including the .jar file extension. Then hit enter. If that does not work, respond to this post providi
  20. 1.12 is no longer supported on this forum. Please update to a modern version of Minecraft to receive support.
  21. Post your log files, which can be found.. in the logs folder in your game directory.
  22. You need to be more specific. Most likely you're not running the INSTALLER. So show us exactly what you're doing and how. And what EXACT files you downloaded.
  23. That is an advertisement, just download our installer by clicking the skip button on the top right.
  24. Versions specific subfolders are no longer a thing. Use the game directory option in the launcher.
  25. "Panel" is very very vague. Anyways the docs are already out there you can find it. However we're not going to help you bypass the main source of revenue that pays for the servers that people like you use to download forge. So ya... No.
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