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  1. there's a hook in the EntityRender class in the updateFogColor method. I think if you setup an event handler with a method that accepts FogColors you should to do it. ex: onFogColorUpdate(FogColors event){}
  2. I think adding this event deserves further consideration. Like i've said before, i've implemented drawing my portals before the GUI render happens but now i face another issue, which i think also needs this event. everything that's rendered through my portal has to "fight" with what already been rendered by the game beforehand. here is a screenshot of how it looks: see how the diamond blocks on the ground are Z-fighting with the grass. The diamond blocks are actually behind the portal, the village that you see through the portal should
  3. I had something similar happen before. what i did was before the rendering i added GlStateManager.disableLighting(); OpenGlHelper.setLightmapTextureCoords(OpenGlHelper.lightmapTexUnit, 15 * 16, 15 * 16); in your case it will be before the "renderAll()" call. and after the call i enable lighting again using GlStateManager.enableLighting(); I'm not sure if you have to have both disable lighting and set the light map texture coords or just one of them, try it and see if it helps.
  4. Thanks! I think that would solve my drawing over the GUI problem. Edit: i still think having a hook after camera setup and before world render would be useful in general for working with the stencil buffer since it's is easier to do and less taxing on the gpu when you don't have to depth check against existing terrain.
  5. Hi, i think adding the hook in my title would be helpful to modders trying to draw something to the screen when they cant use the tile entity special renderer. Currently there are two relevant hooks which are useful when you want to render to the screen, onRenderTick.pre and onRenderTick.post, and while they're useful, sometimes they're not enough. For example if i render something to the screen during onRenderTick.pre, it will not show up on the screen, since the screen is cleared after the hook. And if i render something in onRenderTick.post, it will render over
  6. Thanks for the advice but I am aware of it. This is just the most minimal example of the problem, I didn't want to add any unnecessary code to my example.
  7. I've been trying to work on something that requires me to draw directly to the screen. I started with a simple test, drawing a red square at the corner of the screen with the Vertex buffer. It works, but I've noticed some very strange behavior, whenever i press F1 to hide the GUI, the square i drew becomes about twice as small and looses all transparency. If i press F1 again to show the GUI again, it returns to normal. is this a known thing that happens? is there a workaround? here is the code: public class EventHandlerClient { @SubscribeEvent public void onR
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