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Gradle Build Error -- Unsupported class file major version 60


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Hi There,


Forge is giving me an error when I run the gradlew genEclipseRuns command in the mod project root folder. 


My current specs are:

  • JDK 16.0.1 (64-bit version)
  • Forge MDK 1.16.5
  • Eclipse
  • I do not have the JRE installed as my Eclipse didn't like the version of the JVM associated with it.

When I installed the JRE, Eclipse gave me an error upon startup saying "Incompatible JVM. Version 1.8.0_261 of the JVM is not suitable for this product. Version: 11 or greater is required" or something almost exactly along those lines.

I realize that not having the JRE installed might cause a bit of a facepalm among the seasoned Java developers here (in case it wasn't already readily apparent, I'm not a seasoned Java developer). I wasn't sure how essential it was to have the JRE if I already have the JDK installed.


Any ideas or recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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If you're developing for Java you shouldn't have a JRE installed, only a JDK. A JDK already includes a JRE and having both doesn't really make sense.

Forge does not currently support Java 16. It is recommended to use Java 8 for modding, as that is the version that is shipped with the Minecraft launcher.

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