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[1.16.4] Registering EntityRenders returns errors


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I've been trying to register my cart entity to `RenderingRegistry`but I have been receiving errors I am having a hard time understanding.


I register my entity renderer like this:

    public static void registerRenderers(final FMLClientSetupEvent event) {
        RenderingRegistry.registerEntityRenderingHandler(AllEntities.MINER_CART_ENTITY.get(), MinerModuleCartRenderer::new);

and this is my MinerModuleCartRenderer:

public class MinerModuleCartRenderer<T extends AbstractMinecartEntity> extends EntityRenderer<T> {

    private static final ResourceLocation MINER_TEXTURE = new ResourceLocation(MODID + ":textures/entity/miner_cart_module.png");
    private final EntityModel<T> modelCartModule = new MinerCartModuleModel<>();

    public MinerModuleCartRenderer(EntityRendererManager renderManager) {

    public void render(T entity, float entityYaw, float partialTicks, MatrixStack matrixStack, IRenderTypeBuffer buffer, int packedLight) {
  	// [...] long code copied from MinecartRenderer directly

    public ResourceLocation getEntityTexture(T entity) {
        return MINER_TEXTURE;

    protected void renderBlockState(T entity, float partialTicks, BlockState state, MatrixStack matrixStack, IRenderTypeBuffer buffer, int packedLight) {
        Minecraft.getInstance().getBlockRendererDispatcher().renderBlock(state, matrixStack, buffer, packedLight, OverlayTexture.NO_OVERLAY);

but I get this error:

Bad return type in method reference: cannot convert com.than00ber.gameoflife.client.renderer.entity.MinerModuleCartRenderer<T> to net.minecraft.client.renderer.entity.EntityRenderer<? super ?>

(I get the same error when trying to register Minecraft's `MinercartRenderer` like this)


I've looked into Minecraft 's source code and noticed that it registers its entity renderers like this:

   public <T extends Entity> void register(EntityType<T> entityTypeIn, EntityRenderer<? super T> entityRendererIn) {
      this.renderers.put(entityTypeIn, entityRendererIn);

but Forge with `IRenderFactory`:

    public static <T extends Entity> void registerEntityRenderingHandler(EntityType<T> entityClass, IRenderFactory<? super T> renderFactory)
        INSTANCE.entityRenderers.put(entityClass, renderFactory);

so I implemented `IRenderFactorty` in `MinerModuleCartRenderer` to see if it makes a difference but to no avail; the error stays the same.


Any idea why that is and how can I solve this?


Now I know this is more of Java error but I figured I'll get a better shot here since people have prior knowledge. 

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I was able to solve the issue by rewriting all classes (must have gotten a class extending the wrong thing I think) but why shouldn't I use @OnlyIn on the renderers? Isn't it just client-side?

Edit: Should I remove all @OnlyIn?

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