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  1. Could be up to 7 times. You currently pass side to buildQuad. Do something like this for each add call you make: if (side == Direction.NORTH) quads.add(buildQuad(Direction.NORTH, north, 1, 1, 0, north.getMinU(), north.getMinV(), 1, 0, 0, north.getMinU(), north.getMaxV(), 0, 0, 0, north.getMaxU(), north.getMaxV(), 0, 1, 0, north.getMaxU(), north.getMinV() ));
  2. It is asking for quads for the NORTH side. It will call getQuads for all 6 sides and one extra for general quads (when side == null) not for a specific side. So by returning all the quads for each call then you are rendering the sides multiple times.
  3. Try adding this when canceling: event.setSwingHand(false);
  4. I think part of problem is that in getQuads, you are returning north and south faces and ignoring the quads for the requested side (method argument). The rendering code calls Block.shouldSideBeRendered to check if quads for a given side are drawn or skipped.
  5. For #1 and #3 you can adjust position in json file (this looks about right): { "loader": "forge:obj", "model" : "dicehoard:models/dice/d_six.obj", "display": { "gui": { "translation": [ 10, 3, 5 ] }, "ground": { "translation": [ 9.6, 5, 8 ] } } }
  6. I should've mentioned that I only took assets and no code, sorry about that. For #2, you have 2 texture U coordinates above 1.0 (the last 2 defined in OBJ file). Changing them to 1.0 makes it look correct.
  7. Beethoven92 is correct, you need to change map_Kd line to (map_Kd dicehoard:item/white). I put your files is a test project and the texture loads. (Note: I used your png file and not the jpg in model folder)
  8. Look at the Codec in each of those classes, the strings in fieldOf() are for each argument of constructor or load latest 1.16.5 and look at the fields the arguments are stored into. You might want to load the latest 1.16.5, because it should be easier.
  9. I tested your 2 files (unchanged at same locations you mentioned) in a dummy project and it works fine.
  10. look at the else case when outside [0,10) range in WorldRenderer. So -1 will remove damage.
  11. You don't need optifine, see spider or enderman renderer (eyes layer).
  12. The part of the bell that moves is in BellTileEntityRenderer class and the static parts are in json.
  13. To me a better example might be a shulker box, it is a full cube, but I must admit I'm just guessing what he is doing without seeing his code and assuming it was similar to what I had done. Shulker box works because it uses notSolid() block property, but this will let light go thru it.
  14. The chest example isn't a good one, because they aren't full cubes. It seems when they are full cubes the light passed into render method is 0, which will cause the faces to be dark. You have to get light for neighboring position using WorldRenderer.getCombinedLight for each side that you add to buffer (this seems to be what normal blocks do).
  15. I see it in older mappings on 1.16.4. The method is in net.minecraft.world.gen.IDecoratable. I loaded the new version and the method is called "count",
  16. .48 is using official mappings, you need to find the proper name to use (I don't have .48 loaded, so I can't tell you what it is suppose to be).
  17. One way would be to implement ICondition and register it with CraftingHelper. Then you put the condition in recipe json and it performs a check against config settings (code in your ICondition class). If the condition passes then recipe is loaded otherwise it is skipped. It seemed to work for me, just a little painful. Not sure how you do other mods without shipping modified versions of their json files.
  18. Maybe try using FMLCommonSetupEvent to do the call to put() instead of main constructor.
  19. Looks like Wonderful Enchantments has problems, try and remove it.
  20. You don't need to use reflection for this. Sorry my code wasn't good. Try this: Climate climate = event.getClimate(); event.setClimate(new Climate(RainType.SNOW, climate.temperature, climate.temperatureModifier, climate.downfall)); FYI: you will not see snow in higher temperature biomes
  21. A Biome object and Biome.Builder object can't be cast to the other type. The easier way to do this is by using the BiomeLoadingEvent, then you can do: event.getClimate().precipitation = RainType.SNOW;
  23. Spinning can happen when the entity is told repeatedly to go to a location which it is basically at already, i.e. the tolerance (proximity) check (usually based on the entity width) fails to detect it is basically there and prevents it from proceeding along the path. So, I don't know anything about your code, but you might check your entity declared width.
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