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  1. Also, the resource location in the atlas isn't correct, should be: new ResourceLocation("mohard", "entity/altar_adorn")
  2. That is not going to be good for the bottom block (still pretty much a solid cube). The simple way to get that is: private static final VoxelShape INSIDE = makeCuboidShape(2.0D, 2.0D, 0.0D, 14.0D, 16.0D, 14.0D); protected static final VoxelShape SHAPE = VoxelShapes.combineAndSimplify( VoxelShapes.fullCube(), INSIDE, IBooleanFunction.ONLY_FIRST);
  3. Your shape is strange, but the top is solid, so you need to open it and make it a little wider so you can fit into. Make the 4th and 5th parameters for INSIDE 14.0D (make wider) and 16.0D (make hole in top). It still is a strange shape.
  4. I'm assuming you are past the initial problem, so you need to provide more information.
  5. I'm using the latest and works fine when you change the settings, but if you don't like to make those changes then load older version.
  6. It says it is running Java 16. You are probably using the newer Eclipse which comes with 16. You need to change setting to point to one of the other versions of Java. Go to Preferences and check you have compiler compliance level set to 1.8, then check/fix Installed JREs and Execution Environment settings.
  7. You are using the wrong version of Java, you should use Java 8
  8. Not sure if they are documented somewhere, but I found these in ObjLoader#read You can find other loaders in ModelLoaderRegistry#init, then follow to their read method for their options.
  9. I believe one fix would be to add "ambientToFullbright": false, in the obj model json files
  10. So you tried this? public ObsidianGlass() { super(AbstractBlock.Properties.of(Material.GLASS) .strength(25, 1200) .sound(SoundType.GLASS) .harvestLevel(3) .harvestTool(ToolType.PICKAXE) .requiresCorrectToolForDrops() ); }
  11. Can you post the line that defines the block?
  12. nothing, but if you are using the old mappings then the call is setRequiresTool()
  13. Did you also call requiresCorrectToolForDrops() on the block properties?
  14. The new code you posted works, but you are probably in creative mode which restores item damage.
  15. you should just apply damage to the current stack instead of creating a new stack (at least the way you are doing it) because you will lose other settings, like enchantments
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