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Minecart is not stopped by an unpowered powerrail after installing forge.


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The unpowered power-rails ("brakes" for shorting) do not brake the minecrart enough.

(Or the powered powerrails accelerate it too much (maybe downhill))

NO other mods are installed during the tests (I am using redpower normally, but those results are without it)

Neither  mc/mods mods, neither .jar mods. Nothing.



The cart(with player inside) is launched from surface (y=90), goes down a slope to y=12  (one powered rail per 2 unpowered)

Then it goes 580m straight (one powered rail per 37 unpowered)

And then it reaches a small station - two sloped "brakes" (one down, the other up) with a normal rail between them.



The cart stops before reaching 1/2 of the first "brake" in vanilla MC 1.2.5

In minecraftforge-client-  the cart passed two "brakes" with little speed left.

In minecraftforge-client- is the issue is way worse, it doesn't even slow down. Just shoots thru.

Another try with, results as with forge

I tried two more times, the cart always passed the "brakes" with little speed left.

No idea why it didn't brake at all for the first time.


If you need any more info for fixing this, I'll provide it.



Why is this forum's security set to "maximal headache" ?


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The "headache thing" was choosing a 8+ characters long password with at least one char from [big, small, number].

EDIT: What can I do to attract the correct person's attention?


I hope that your reply does not put this post in "taken care of" box.

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Yeah, I am pretty strict on my passwords, I actually use short sentences as my passphrases, as I think everyone should.  :)


I'd might pop in to the #Direwolf20 channel on the EsperNet IRC server, the maker of the minecart hooks hangs out in there at times as do many other helpful modders.  Other than that, only time.  The 1.3 crunch is in full swing so most Forge related modders are busy with updating.

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If anyone wants to take a look at the testcase world, here it is:


The instructions for the test are in the README file.


It uses redpower wiring and redpower world, but they are completely non-essential for the bug demonstration.

(The only thing that happens without RP is missing volcanos and holes in walls (never floor) and missing railway control)

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