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Minecraft Server not


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Trying to have friends join my minecraft server, firewall isnt the problem and port fowarding isnt the problem. I think it is when I start the server I can join it via localhost, however when i use my external ip, neither I nor my friends can join, and i do not see a "Starting Minecraft server on *:25565, and when i use portchecker it shows closed.


AKA I launch the server with run.bat and CAN join with local host and my private ip, but if i or my friend tries joining through my public ip it does not work. My firewall isnt the problem and i dont think portfowarding is the problem. I have tried using different ports to no avail, and when I start the server ; in the cmd window there is nither a server connected to port 25565 or a failed to connect to port, so i think there is a problem with the server itself and not the mods. PLEASE HELP


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