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[SOLVED] [1.16.5] I'm having issues with Wither-like skull projectiles


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I just can't seem to figure this out...
Basically, I want to create Wither-like skull projectiles for my custom boss. I copied over the vanilla code, modified it to suit my needs and tested it. The results: Chat says that the entity was summoned and there's no trace of any errors in the console but it doesn't appear at all. (Vanilla Wither Skulls appear at their spawn location and don't do anything after that)
I tried basically everything I could think of. I checked if it's all registered properly, copy-pasted vanilla code and ran it without modifying (except for like name-related things) and I even tried extending the vanilla Wither Skull class. None of this worked.
I actually tried extending the vanilla arrow too (Since Wither Skull and Arrows use different logic) and while my skull still didn't appear, I heard an arrow landing noise. I tried this multiple times, same result every time. This leads me to believe that it's an issue with the renderer. I have previously tried to delete it, modify it, copy-paste Dragon Fireball rendering code and again, none of these worked.

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