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  1. Post it in a paste website. No one is going to download a random file
  2. "Can't find attribute minecraft:generic.attack_damage"
  3. Screens have nothing to do with this. The whole point is to display multiple entity views at once while playing the game.
  4. 1. Don't create multiple posts 2. We need logs, otherwise we can't help.
  5. Alright, so, I have a question. Is it possible to display multiple cameras when spectating as an entity? How would I achieve that? I know ServerPlayer handles the spectating of entities and accepts a single camera but Platin told me it might be possible to have multiple cameras displaying at once.
  6. First off, what's the error? Second, can you show your ModSpawnEggItem class? And third, is that class really needed? Forge provides a spawn egg class, you don't need a custom one unless you want additional behavior.
  7. Nope, 1.16 is going to stay as LTS and 1.17 is getting a 1 month grace period.
  8. Your issue is coming from Modern UI
  9. I've been trying to fix this for a very long time to no success. One of my entity's heads isn't rotating around the right place despite the pivot being set to the correct position (according to BlockBench) and not being touched. Here's my model class: https://github.com/Skizzium/Project-Apple/blob/Development-FG1.17.1/src/main/java/com/skizzium/projectapple/entity/boss/skizzik/client/model/SkizzikModel.java And here's my geo file: https://github.com/Skizzium/Project-Apple/blob/Development-FG1.17.1/src/main/resources/assets/skizzik/geo/skizzik.geo.json Before taking a look, please keep in mind my entity is using GeckoLib, but the issue itself isn't caused by said library. I've also attached an image of the broken head.
  10. You can't do that in a single function. It would require an inventory for the TE, a Screen, a Menu and a bunch of other shit.
  11. Don't know about fire but I know there's a method which you can call on the instance of the lightning called something along the lines of "setEffectOnly" which will spawn a lightning that doesn't create fire and doesn't damage entities.
  12. First off, override the hurt method. You'll get the DamageSource from which you can get the entity. After that do a null check on it and check if it's an instance of LivingEntity (or Mob). If it is, you can apply the effect.
  13. You're either using a 32 bit Java or you don't have 4 GB RAM. Update your Java or lower the Xmx property in the run.bat
  14. So, I'm working on a Boss Utilities library and I want to allow developers to use a boss bar that is colored in whatever color they want. I'm wondering, is it possible to color a gray boss bar texture similarly to the Spawn Eggs?
  15. Now, this is more of a math issue than a modding issue. I'm very bad at it. Basically, I have an Ender Dragon-like multi-part entity. I know that these are currently broken but I'm using my PR which fixes them. So, I have all the required code to change the part positions and I've set the offsets to the wanted values. My issue is that the parts are static but they need to change their place depending on the entity's rotation. My question is, how do I calculate the new position based on the entity's position and rotation, combined with my current offsets. I don't want to change the offsets if possible because I spent a very long time getting them pixel-perfect. Here's a simplified version of my code (it excludes all the stage-related positioning): public void tickPart(SkizzikPart part, double offsetX, double offsetY, double offsetZ) { part.setPos(this.getX() + offsetX, this.getY() + offsetY, this.getZ() + offsetZ); } public void aiStep() { this.tickPart(this.topLeftHead, -0.062F, 3.199F, 0.812F); this.tickPart(this.topRightHead, 0.0F, 3.073F, -1.06F); this.tickPart(this.bottomLeftHead, -0.062F, 1.822F, 1.125F); this.tickPart(this.bottomRightHead, 0.0F, 1.7F, -1.187F); this.tickPart(this.centerHead, 0.0F, 2.01F, -0.063F); this.tickPart(this.commandBlockPart, 0.63F, 0.87F, -0.03F); this.tickPart(this.bodyPart, -0.062F, 0.0F, -0.032F); Vec3[] vec3 = new Vec3[this.parts.length]; for(int i = 0; i < this.parts.length; ++i) { vec3[i] = new Vec3(this.parts[i].getX(), this.parts[i].getY(), this.parts[i].getZ()); this.parts[i].xo = vec3[i].x; this.parts[i].yo = vec3[i].y; this.parts[i].zo = vec3[i].z; this.parts[i].xOld = vec3[i].x; this.parts[i].yOld = vec3[i].y; this.parts[i].zOld = vec3[i].z; } }
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