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Forge 36.2 Minecraft 1.16.5


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Forge Version: 36.2.0
Minecraft Version: 1.16.5

Lots of new features and bug fixes. However 1.16.5 has been super stable for the last several months so we've spent most of development time has been focused on the 1.17 update.



  • Added a custom TextureAtlasSprite loaders for blocks that want dynamic textures without a fancy renderer
  • Added a data generators for sounds.json files
  • AbstractFurnaceTileEntity now uses the more versatile `IRecipe.assemble` function result
  • SmallFireballEntity no longer checks the mobGriefing gamerule, in favor of the MobGriefingEvent
  • Piglins now use the MobGriefingEvent when deciding when to pick up items
  • Furnaces now use the IRecipeType of the current recipe when calculating burn time
  • Draining FluidSources is now respectful of the FluidStack being removed
  • PlayerEntities now have a knockback attribute
  • The knockback calculation in `PlayerEntity#attack` has been updated to use the attribute added above
  • Potions have had some Quality Of Life improvements
  • Allow custom ladders to make trapdoors climbable
  • Added some ATs to DimensionSettings to ease their use
  • Allow any Block to announce itself as a potential respawn point
  • Added a new `ProjectileImpactEvent.FishingBobber` event
  • Removed a Nullable annotation from `canCreatureSpawn` which was causing misleading assumptions
  • Removed a faulty patch from the `Entity` class
  • Allow mobs to use custom ranged weapons
  • Allow customizable damage from Lightning Entities
  • Added a dummy `connection` to FakePlayers


  • Fixed an ongoing issue where removing a mod from a LAN world would make it unconnectable
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the gradle runClient/runData/runServer tasks failed with the message "Unable to locate class file LaunchTesting"
  • Fixed Forgedev environments so that they no longer crash with classloading issues when running the "forge forge test server" configuration
  • Synchronized `ResourcePackList#addPackFinder` in an effort to remove a race condition
  • Fixed some vanilla block model mirroring and rotation issues (MC-227255, MC-134110)
  • The URL button for a mod in the Mods menu has been realigned with the text
  • `PacketBuffer#readLongArray`, `#readSectionPos` and `#readString`'s are no longer removed on one side
  • Fixed an obscure chunk loading deadlock when calling `getChunk`
  • Fixed shift-scrolling on Macs
  • Fixed mob kills not being assigned properly (MC-121048)

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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