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Mods Directory Args and Forge build Json


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Hello! the first feature I would love to see is the addition of a --modsDir parameter, to give custom launchers with multiple modding profiles (*cough*magiclauncher) the ability to specify which to use. the param would be optional and would default to the usual mods folder.


also the same thing with configs.


My second request is for there to be a software-parseable XML,JSON,etc. file tied into the build server that automatically lists recomended forge builds for each version, ie all the recomended builds ever promoted as well as their ascosated minecraft version. also a link to the universal download would be nice. (but not needed). this might exist already but i have not seen it.


thanks in advance

sorry in advance 



After looking at the new installer and such, I am revising my request and also asking that the Installerprofile.json that is included in the installer and added into the version folder, also be available for download.


Also Im confused by the maven system. the installerprofile thing points to files.minecraftforge.net/maven/ but i cant find any files. (or they dont exit) is the maven repo somewhere else? how does that tie into the files.minecraftforge.net?

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Thank You so much for the JSON thing! its hard to find files when you cant view directory contents ;D


the --modsDir param was specifically aimed at multiple modding profiles. If I end up needing it I could always add it myself through the Github repo.

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We've looked into it, and this seems the best design, if you don't wanna use the global setup, support a profile specific gameDir.

We don't make these decisions on whims -.-

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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