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Detector rail+ comparator= crash

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Good Morning team.

Thanks for your efforts getting forge 1.17 out. I have updated and had some issues with my singleplayer world crashing. I have a very complex auto sorter and had many crashes while it was running (Uses minecarts to sort). I managed to discover a bug that when a hopper minecart goes over a detector rail that has a comparator (tested redstone dust and repeater and they work fine) the game crashes. I found i can reload world and minecart continues down track but the rail is eternally powered until broken and replaced but as soon as it is replaced it will crash again. Tested on a brand new world instead of my normal singleplayer one and still happens. Thanks for your time. can others test this and see if it happens for them too.


Forge 1.17.1-37.0.22

All other mods were removed from mods folder for testing.



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