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[1.16.5] Create Library Mod


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So I am making 3 mods and there is a lot of repetitive code in between them. I decided that my best choice is to create a Library Mod (yes, in caps) to put all of the repeated code in and then just making my other mods off of that.

So if you want MyModA you need MyModA.jar and MyLib.jar.

The issue with this is that I don't know how to do that. Can anyone point me to a tutorial that explains how to do it. But like, every step (except setting up forge)?



BTW: Using 1.16.5-36.2.0

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I would assume it is not so different from any other java/gradle project.

In the mods.toml add your main "library" mod as a dependency in your other two mods. Then simply import the library mod package into your two other mods and use whatever you want from it. Because the library mod is listed as a dependency in both your other mods, then you can be sure the user will have the library mod installed as well, because if they don't, Forge will notify them before the game is initialized.

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13 hours ago, diesieben07 said:

Yeah, I did that and it allowed me to play without the library. I want that if you want to play Actual Science you need the Actual Core.

This is my mods.toml:


# This is an example mods.toml file. It contains the data relating to the loading mods.

# There are several mandatory fields (#mandatory), and many more that are optional (#optional).

# The overall format is standard TOML format, v0.5.0.

# Note that there are a couple of TOML lists in this file.

# Find more information on toml format here: https://github.com/toml-lang/toml

# The name of the mod loader type to load - for regular FML @Mod mods it should be javafml

modLoader="javafml" #mandatory

# A version range to match for said mod loader - for regular FML @Mod it will be the forge version

loaderVersion="[36,)" #mandatory This is typically bumped every Minecraft version by Forge. See our download page for lists of versions.

# The license for you mod. This is mandatory metadata and allows for easier comprehension of your redistributive properties.

# Review your options at https://choosealicense.com/. All rights reserved is the default copyright stance, and is thus the default here.

license="All rights reserved"

# A URL to refer people to when problems occur with this mod

#issueTrackerURL="https://change.me.to.your.issue.tracker.example.invalid/" #optional

# A list of mods - how many allowed here is determined by the individual mod loader

[[mods]] #mandatory

# The modid of the mod

modId="actualscience" #mandatory

# The version number of the mod - there's a few well known ${} variables useable here or just hardcode it

# ${file.jarVersion} will substitute the value of the Implementation-Version as read from the mod's JAR file metadata

# see the associated build.gradle script for how to populate this completely automatically during a build

version="${file.jarVersion}" #mandatory

# A display name for the mod

displayName="Actual Science" #mandatory

# A URL to query for updates for this mod. See the JSON update specification https://mcforge.readthedocs.io/en/latest/gettingstarted/autoupdate/

#updateJSONURL="https://change.me.example.invalid/updates.json" #optional

# A URL for the "homepage" for this mod, displayed in the mod UI

#displayURL="https://change.me.to.your.mods.homepage.example.invalid/" #optional

# A file name (in the root of the mod JAR) containing a logo for display

logoFile="icon.png" #optional

# A text field displayed in the mod UI

credits="" #optional

# A text field displayed in the mod UI

authors="FOREVEREALIZE" #optional

# The description text for the mod (multi line!) (#mandatory)


Actual Science adds a science system that is more realistic than vanilla Minecraft's one.


# A dependency - use the . to indicate dependency for a specific modid. Dependencies are optional.

[[dependencies.actualscience]] #optional

# the modid of the dependency

modId="forge" #mandatory

# Does this dependency have to exist - if not, ordering below must be specified

mandatory=true #mandatory

# The version range of the dependency

versionRange="[36,)" #mandatory

# An ordering relationship for the dependency - BEFORE or AFTER required if the relationship is not mandatory


# Side this dependency is applied on - BOTH, CLIENT or SERVER


# Here's another dependency




# This version range declares a minimum of the current minecraft version up to but not including the next major version









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