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Incomplete Set of tags after playing on a server for awhile.


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i've been trying to look for a solution for awhile now but nobody's had an exact helping hand in my searching, me and my friend have been playing a modded mc server and after some additions we started encountering incomplete set of tags after being on the server for a long time, disconnecting then trying to reconnect.
i keep hearing of a debug.log but i don't have one, can find a latest.log. i'll leave the full log here but i wanted to point out this is what i find with it
"[04:52:29] [Render thread/WARN]: Incomplete server tags, disconnecting. Missing: {minecraft:block=[forge:plants]}"


we introduced cyclic,sophisticated backpacks, when dungeons arise, woot, dungeon crawl,artifacts, inventory pets,and morph-o-tool when this error started arising.

this probably don't have enough useful info but if i need to give any more info i'll let you know when asked for.
i'll leave a mod list too


Applied Energistics 2
Architectury API
Biomes O' Plenty
Chisel & Bits
CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+
CoFH Core
Crafting Tweaks
Create: Stuff Additions
Create Crafts&Additions
Cucumber Library
Curios API
Dungeon Crawl
Dungeon Discs
Ender Storage 1.8.+
Environmental Core
Environmental Tech
Fast Leaf Decay
FPS Reducer
FTB Backups
FTB Library
Immersive Engineering
Inventory Pets
Inventory Tweaks Renewed
Iron Chests
Just Enough items
Just Enough Resources
Macaw's Bridges
Mana and Artifice
Mouse Tweaks
MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod
Mystical Agriculture
Nature's Compass
Openblocks Elevator
Ore Excavator
Refined Storage
Resourceful Bees
RFTools Base
Simply Jetpacks 2
Sophisticated Backpacks
Storage Drawers
The Lost Cities
Twilight Forest
Thermal Cultivation
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Foundation
Thermal Innovation
Thermal Locomotion
Tinkers Construct
Wawla (re-reading this list i realize Hwyla and Wawla are probably conflicting.)
When Dungeons Arise


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2 hours ago, uSkizzik said:

Well just try posting it somewhere else (like GitHub Gist or another paste site)

just fixed it in the reply  

just to edit this, idk if it'll be recieved can someone tell me how to get the debug.log?  cause it's never there for me in the log or the main folder. 
https://imgur.com/a/iy0KDxy if i can get it and replicate the error through that i'd post that log 

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need to get to the bottom of this
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15 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

debug.log must be enabled explicitly in the settings when using the Curse launcher.

Please post the debug.log from both server and client if you still have this issue.

friend hosts the server, i've tried looking at it my self and didn't see anything of importance when the issue occured besides "disconnect"
i can give you the log for it but for a client debug you're probably gonna have to wait a bit because this isn't an on-demand thing, i have to play for quite awhile before it has the tag issue.
so all i got for you right now is that it tells me on the client side that
"[04:52:29] [Render thread/WARN]: Incomplete server tags, disconnecting. Missing: {minecraft:block=[forge:plants]}"

https://gist.github.com/aaron5015/61c9b074fd76361207f15d8aacd87b9f i tried uploading the file and it wouldn't let me, but this is the best i got to send it with, this is the server debug.log

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forgot words
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2 minutes ago, diesieben07 said:

Github gist is ideal, so that's good.

Unfortunately I am not sure what the issue is here, especially considering you say that it does not always happen. Please try and post a client debug.log when it happens again.

i can get back to you in awhile whenever the server boots me or if i try and leave and rejoin at one point, i just know it's not consistent until the server tags become inconsistent, resulting in me resetting my game.

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my best guess looking at the log just by chance is cyclic, but i wouldn't be able to test until tomorrow just by this in the log, since this was added when the issue started arising


"1.1.1": "Disenchanter can now be automated; added a second output slot and restricted automated IO slots.  Add item data tag 'cyclic:disenchanter_immune' to block items from being disenchanted, default value includes quark:ancient_tome.  Excavation enchant is now compatible with Fortune.  Refactor sounds to use the new ForgeSoundType system for compatibility.  Upgrade data tags for compatibility: instead of custom cyclic tags, use forge tags (forge:vines, forge:plants, forge:mushrooms, forge:crop_blocks, forge:fishing_rods).  Forester now only tries to place on the top side of a block (facing down) which keeps the saplings inside the boundary when logs are in the way.  ( MichaelNZ404 ) Fix Enriched Peat being consumed when energy buffer is full.  Fix Ender Shelf compatibility with automated users.  Endershelf no longer drops stacked enchants when broken.  Fix items sometimes getting stuck in cables.    ",

edit: there is an update so i'll probably try that with my friend tomorrow and if there's still an issue then i'll try removing it and we'll go from there.

maybe if i read it actually does say that.


 Message when rejoining server: Incomplete server tags, disconnecting. Missing: {minecraft:block=[forge:plants]}  https://github.com/Lothrazar/Cyclic/issues/1906


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