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Noise Deformation?


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I remember someone saying something about "Noise Deformation" when I was trying to do a thing with my custom dimension. Not sure how it works or where I would start, I just went with making a making a couple structures and having them placed in the dimension that look somewhat like the spires in this image:


Even though I had my quarrels with it such as having a layer of dirt underneath them, and repetitiveness among others, I just wanted to get done with the dimension for a bit of time.

Now, I am wanting to polish some stuff a bit and want to understand what replacing the whole structure thing with "noise deformation" would entail. Is it worth the effort, how much effort, is there a lot of math involved, etc.

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Not sure about custom chunk generators (I haven't done much super complex stuff yet, but working on it). For a time I did try making separate biomes with radical heights and asking them dot around, but I could never get them small enough the normal way through the jsons.

What would a custom chunk generator entail?


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a custom ChunkGenerator allows you to modify the Level generation, the ChunkGenerator will create the Bedrock, the Ground and the Surface of your custom Dimension. the goal you have is also possible without multiple Biomes. you also need a NoiseGenerator (I would prefer the SimplexNoiseGenerator), they create normally a value between -1.0 and 1.0. look at the vanilla NoiseChunkGenerator at the method buildSurfaceAndBedrock and try to understand how the NoiseGenerator works.

for your Dimension you will need two NoiseGenerator one for the Terrain and one for the "Mountains" then check wherever the MountainNoise is larger than a value (e.g. 0.8) you scale the SurfaceNoise. you need to test a bit for the best result.

iirc this is the best way to do this

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Oh boy, that seem complicated.... oh well. Never learn how to do it if I don't try.

Would you perhaps know of a couple mods that do either something similar to what I am trying to doing or just make their own ChunkGenerator & NoiseGenerator I could look at on github?

Also, thank you for the help mate!

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