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[1.17.1] Empty height range error


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I'm getting the error: 

[14:09:53] [Worker-Main-10/WARN]: Empty height range: [0 above bottom-15 absolute]

in this project. As for relevant classes, I think io.github.davidqf555.minecraft.realitycubes.common.world.ShapeChunkGenerator and RealityCubeHelper are causing issues. I think it has to do with the FlatShape's height that I created as well . I'm just unsure what the issue with the height is. Using breakpoints, I get that the error is in originates in ShapeChunkGenerator.applyBiomeDecoration() and it is caused by UniformHeight.sample()

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2 minutes ago, Luis_ST said:

look's like a Feature which is add to your custom Dimension has a wrong Height (VerticalAnchor), where is your Features class?

I'm not creating features. I'm working with dynamic dimensions and haven't changed any heights other than in the dimension type created within RealityCubeHelper. 

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I realized the error but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to solve it. Some vanilla feature in the biome I'm using in my dimensions uses an absolute upper bound but relative lower bound. So when I made the min built height of my dimension greater, the lower bound increased so much that it became higher than the upper bound. I'm not sure how to fix this other than change my dimension min height, but I was trying to center my dimension at about surface level so that the correct features were carved. 

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