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Unable to login with Chrome to forums

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When trying to login with Chrome I get the following message:


An Error Has Occurred!

You were unable to login. Please check your cookie settings.


Settings in Chrome:


- Allow local data to be set (recommended)

- [ ] Block third-party cookies and site data (Unchecked)



- Allow all sites to run JavaScript (Recommended)



- Disabled for www.minecraftforge.com

- Also tried leaving it paused.


I would prefer to use Chrome.


I noticed there are issues in Simple Machines for other forum sites via Google Searches, none of which provided any resolution to my issue.


Anything else I could try ?

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I use chrome with this forum perfectly fine...


Thank you Lucas1998, validates that its isolated and unique.


Chrome says its up-to-date.  I'll try uninstalling adblock, and chrome, then re-installing.


Using Firefox is extremely slow comparative wise on the Wiki Pages.

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  • Uninstalled Adblock
  • Uninstalled Chrome (I didn't remove any settings, cookies, preferences, or local data in the uninstall)
  • Re-installing Chrome.  Worked.
  • Installed Adblock Plus.  Logged out, Still worked.


Perhaps it was an issue with Adblock, or, issue with chromes install.


Thank you for validating I just needed to uninstall/reinstall.

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