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Crafting recipes enable/disable with config file [1.16]


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Hey guys, i try to make recipes based of config options, but i can`t find the problem here, all recipes linked to an config options are always disabled and theres no error in the console, maybe a problem in the factories?



public class ConditionFactory implements IConditionBuilder {

        public BooleanSupplier parse(JsonSerializationContext context, JsonObject json) {
            boolean value = JSONUtils.getBoolean(json , "value", true);
            String key = JSONUtils.getString(json, "type");

            if (key.equals(Uncrafted.MODID + ":spawneggs_enabled")) {
                return () -> Config.ACTIVATE_SPAWNEGG_RECIPES.get().booleanValue() == value;
            else if (key.equals(Uncrafted.MODID + ":spawner_enabled")) {
                return () -> Config.ACTIVATE_SPAWNER_RECIPES.get().booleanValue() == value;
            else if (key.equals(Uncrafted.MODID + ":skulls_enabled")) {
                return () -> Config.ACTIVATE_SKULL_RECIPES.get().booleanValue() == value;
            return null;



    "conditions": {
      "spawneggs_enabled": "xxrexraptorxx.util.ConditionFactory",
      "spawner_enabled": "xxrexraptorxx.util.ConditionFactory",
      "skulls_enabled": "xxrexraptorxx.util.ConditionFactory"


example recipe: spawner.json

  "conditions" : [
      "type" : "uncrafted:spawner_enabled",
      "value" : true
    } ],
  "type": "minecraft:crafting_shaped",
  "pattern": [
  "key": {
    "X": {
      "item": "minecraft:iron_bars"
    "#": {
      "item": "minecraft:nether_star"
  "result": {
    "item": "minecraft:spawner"


i hope anyone can help me :D



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scrap all that (factory and _factories.json), it's for an older version.

do have a condition in a recipe json file. the one you have up there will do fine.


make a class that implements ICondition.
getID() should return "uncrafted:spawner_enabled".  test() should check options and enable/disable the recipe.


inside the condition class make a serializer class (yes inside, inner class, static) that implements IConditionSerializer<YourCondition>.
getID should return same as above;  read should return an instance of your condition class. use json.getAsJsonPrimitive("value_or_flag_name_or_whatever") to get the setting name (if you use a single condition for several recipes); write should do the opposite of read - json.addProperty.


finally, register your condition in FMLCommonSetupEvent. call CraftingHelper.register and pass the serializer instance.


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one class inside another, just like you have fields and methods inside of a class. ok, i admit it's not very intuitive now that type definitions are no longer a thing...

it doesn't have to be inner class, it can be a separate class. it's just more maintainable if you don't have two separate non-inner classes whose life cycles are connected.

just make both classes. serializer will make condition class instances when the game needs them.

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