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Full armor set effect and double jump [1.6.2]?


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It was

public void onArmorTickUpdate(World world, EntityPlayer player, ItemStack itemstack)
	ItemStack boots = player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(1);
	ItemStack legs = player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(2);
	ItemStack chest = player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(3);
	ItemStack helmet = player.getCurrentItemOrArmor(4);

	if(boots != null && legs != null && chest != null && helmet != null)
		if(boots.getItem() == ModClass.boots.itemID && legs.getItem() == ModClass.legs.itemID &&
				chest.getItem() == ModClass.chest.itemID && helmet.getItem() == ModClass.helmet.itemID)
			//put the effect and stuff here


Now it gives an error that I can't have an int and item

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helmet.getItem() == ModClass.helmet.itemID

yeah... thsi makes no sens, this is literally the equivalent of comparing apples and hammers. To the eyes of the compiler this statement makes no sens.

how to debug 101:http://www.minecraftforge.net/wiki/Debug_101

-hydroflame, author of the forge revolution-

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Shouldn't you just get the itemID of the current worn boots, helmets etc and compare those with the itemID's of the armor id's which have the special effect? I have not tried to but i am not sure if theres a .getItemID for items. Otherwise you will have to find a different way to get the items ID. Perhaps you can even use boots.itemID.

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