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  1. what does it do, how can it help us, etc thanks
  2. yeah heres the thing, you are using a variable that is local to your object, since the object is called twice within the same tick, with 2 tesr itll go twice as fast, becasue the rotation is increased twice per tick to fix this you should use the system time, this way all tesr will render using the same value //aka dont do animation++; model.rotate(animation, 0, 1, 0); //but do long time = System.currentTimeMillis() % 40000L; model.rotate(time, 0, 1, 0); btw both method describe a continous rotation around Y axis
  3. are ypu saying that fml client can display custom gui without installing anything else then fml? can i have a link to that ?
  4. ok so this is exactly what my mod is doing, i doubt you can do this without downloading something on client side. maybe you can do some sneaky stuff and force update on container slot from server side. but i know for a fact that my mod is working ex: server makes a module, deffine a new recipe. client logs in. he downloads the new recipe. he adds it to his list and voila, client did not had to download anything else then my utility mod. you can do the same for a bunch of stuff, it will give you an interface for callbacks
  5. <offtopic> yes and no, it seems mojang is "eventually working towards an official modding api" while my mod has some working feature and a lot of potential</offtopic>
  6. if you use a bukkit plugin, recipes are not something you can add (afaik) but i am working on a mod that does this basicly you download ONLY my mod and you can log into any server that has modules for it with it you can download on the spot: recipes, keybinding, guis, block, items. unfortunatelly no new mobs yet, still need serializing
  7. frame interpolation being one of those, of course if the model is animated at 60 fps then this will not really show up in game. but you WILL get interpolation problem when you change from one animation to another. somebody should really take a day and make a colladae parser+renderer for minecraft
  8. "easiest" way is to make an array of models, each representing a single frame of the animation but there are multiple visual, programatical and ressource problem associate with that method
  9. weeeeeeeeeeeeelll crap my mod seralizer is useless then
  10. According to what you can see out of the 1.7 update, do you think mojang is working toward an official modding api ?
  11. This site will have a review process you mean people who will review thousand of lines of code to check if they didnt add a sneaky thing
  12. so youre expecting the new launcher youll make to auto download mods ? seems legit nothing can go wrong (viruses) ps: im already working on a solution for that problem... EDIT: also, whos going to pay for the server that will hold all these mods ?
  13. *curse* *curse* *curse* *curse* *curse* *curse* *siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* guess ill do what i can for now :\'' thanks Maz
  14. Im thinking of making a mod that would change a lot of base feature and use a lot of tricks and bypass to achieve what i want. For those of you who know about the upcoming 1.7 update, would you recommend i wait to see what 1.7 brings or should it be easy to port from 164 to 172 my mod will mostly use packet to exchange information between client and server proxies, use that information to display stuff on gui (using GuiContainer), also, i think ill be playing around with the nbt and containers system thanks guys
  15. What exactly is this suppose to do ? GL11.glPushMatrix(); GL11.glRotatef(meta * (-90), 0.0F, 0.0F, 1.0F); GL11.glPopMatrix();
  16. please use hashmap if its an operation that will be used a lot
  17. you could technicly store EVERY location of that block in another place then in the "world" and in the "chunks" obviously if you scale this in a List it wont be scalable so youll have to make some kind of spatial partitionning to keep search time lows... just throwing ideas
  18. *facepalm* ahaha cuz im dumb and rusty so i dont remember that this event existsXD
  19. heu .... ok so were getting it ... but we dont have proof... well its dies so im not scared thanks
  20. EntityPlayer p = (EntityPlayer)tickData[0] magiiiiic (no this was not an obvious one btw, you real yhave to know this one:P)
  21. you cna use TickHandler on type of Player and it will be called everytime a player updates
  22. not to bring the thread offtopic but can you send me where you saw this ? im interrested but the closest i found is: "The servers can suggest clients to install resource pack when they arrive" taken and translated from this page: http://minecraft-fr.gamepedia.com/Fonctionnalit%C3%A9s_%C3%A0_venir
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