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Cannot generate or load worlds


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Hello, i have a weird error after testing some code. I commented out anything that i thought would matter, and all my changes i made since i discovered this error... While trying to fix it i commented out nearly half my mod... But nothing seems to work. :( All changes I made were undone as far as I can see.


Any idea what it could mean? I am not sure what classes you may need to help me, so just ask for any that may be needed, and I will upload them and post a link. The error occurs every time I either load a world, or create a new one.


Here is where the error happens in the log.



Any ideas? Thanks in advance.... I can't do anything until i get this fixed....

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No, i have never heard of that class before, it means nothing to me, except its keeping my mod from working correctly. I have no idea what code causes it, as stated above :( Most existing code has been commented out in search for the cause.

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