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Hey there,

see @07? I updated to 1.16.5 just for you...you lead, I'll follow...:D

Fun aside. I do have trouble getting this to work, and I think it has primarily to do with me not even knowing/understanding the differences of a "master library" file, as I figured there might be multiple reasons why one does this.

What I want to achieve: 1. making an already existing "master" mod serve as master during playtesting(in Eclipse), 2. during building my "slave" mod, 3. obviously using it in any game as prerequisite for any of my "slave" mods.

I've got point 3. working with just editing the myMod.toml and adding a dependency. I also got to the point to "recompile" a deobfuscated source master(with the "creating a libs" folder in my project root directory), only my master runs obfuscated in Eclipse, which creates the notorious "there is no function forge_1.45.ebd5-whateverNumbers" etc.- crash, whenever trying to run the "slave" mod in Eclipse with its mother. It does run in a regular MC Forge install, but obviously I never imported any of the code of the master. So, I'd appreciate any extended instructions on the topic, because I've spend like a week getting absolutely nothing done.

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It shall be noted you'll probably want to visit the two other references as well...



...I ended up using the 3rd method "CurseMaven", which allows all three cases(using source as master, working, and running with it in Eclipse). You'll still need to export the project with the yourMod.toml edit for dependencie. I had to add...

repositories {
    maven {
        url "https://cursemaven.com"

...over the dependencies section, and add this to the actual dependencies section...

implementation fg.deobf("curse.maven:matlib-542833:3509801")

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