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[ 1.14.4 ] two screen rendered the first always render whereas the second one is not rendering when it was rendered before


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Hello everyone,

I am making a mod that place specific sign in Minecraft. I decided to make a first gui that allow the user to select a specific form of sign (see fig 1). Then I create a second screen for the sign with a little white arrow (located on the right in the middle). However, when placing one of this and retrying to create the same sign it did initialise the screen (of fig 2) but is unable to render it. I will add as detail that the screen is rendered using a loop of networking call : first the user click on the block which send to the server a message to open the GUI. Then when on the first GUI if we click on the specific button, it send to server a message to open the second GUI. Here is the link to my git repository : https://github.com/matt1999rd/SignMod. To place this sign it is mandatory to place support and grid connecting support) and click on grid. (2 by 3 grid mandatory)


fig 1 : first screen always displayed1753878612_screen2.png.26cdf34864827f271dcbef19bc091304.png

fig 2 : second screen that can be initialised without being rendered


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