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DataGenerator for display field in model JSON


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Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to add the display/thirdperson_righthand/rot,trans,scl, firstperson_righthand/rot,trans,scl, gui... using data generators. Im trying to avoid writting JSONs myself just for improving my knowledge of the forge api but this one is a tough one.

I checked the ModelProvider class and found nothing, also for the ModelBuilder class.


Currently im generating the item models using only

singleTexture(XXXX.get().getRegistryName().getPath(), mcLoc("item/generated"), "layer0", modLoc("item/xxxx"));

and for the blocks

withExistingParent(XXXX.get() .getRegistryName().getPath(), modLoc("block/xxxx"));


Any clues on how to add more fields to the resulting JSON?

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