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This is apprently a "@SideOnly(Side.Client)"


Now does this mean I cannot send it to the server to say that I've picked up a specific item?


All I'm trying to do is make the server think and know I'm left clicking the item automatically, this would (on bukkit side, what I want to happen: ) call InventoryClickEvent, which is what I want to spoof via my mod, as I'm sure you've seen theres plenty of gui's that use this feature of clicking an item and teleporting etc, I want to initiate this click and allow bukkit to know I'm clicking this, all automagically.



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nobody provides support for bukkit here

The question is irrelevant to bukkit. My mod is for forge, i'm trying to use forge packets to send the a server which may be bukkit.... my mod is client side and i'm trying to tell the server HEY IM CLICKING THIS ITEM...


using slotClick doesn't send any packet to the server, its all client side, I'm asking if packet 102 will send to the server or not because the constructor says @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) if it doesn't send to the server, how can I achieve this.

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I'm trying to, but slotClick inside container doesn't tell the server anything, would you recommend a different method for my operation?

I did use detectAndSendUpdates();

but it didn't really do anything about it server side. I picked the item up, but the server side didn't recieve it

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No it has bukkit, but I am trying to make it so that it picks up the item in slot 0 just like you would if you left clicked it, which would trigger a bukkit event, but I can't seem to make the forge trigger the bukkit even because I don't think I'm sending a packet to the server and am not too sure how to send the packet to the server telling it I've clicked, because I thought detectAndSendChanges did that.

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