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[1.18] Spawning custom entity in the end


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Is there anything special I need to do to spawn my custom entity in the end?

I can let it spawn in all overworld biomes without a problem.


BiomeLoadingEvent with mesa biomes and end biomes as example, the entity will then spawn only in mesa biomes, but not in the end

@SubscribeEvent(priority = EventPriority.HIGH)
public static void onBiomeLoading(BiomeLoadingEvent event) {
	if (event.getCategory() == BiomeCategory.MESA || event.getCategory() == BiomeCategory.THEEND) {
		event.getSpawns().addSpawn(MobCategory.CREATURE, new SpawnerData(ModEntityTypes.BABY_ENDER_DRAGON.get(), 100, 2, 5));

 for testing i registered a custom SpawnPredicate that returns always true

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