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How do I (or can I?) change workbench result slot if crafting grid contains my recipe?


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I'm facing an issue that in Skyblock, there are recipes that have multiple items in a single slot.

And I don't want people confusing my custom crafting table with a normal one so I wanna somehow hook into the event of preparing to craft an item (or do I have to use mixins?) and change the result slot.

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I want to place some item in the result slot of a vanilla workbench when an array of itemstacks (with count of each equal to the count of other) in workbench (crafting slots) matches mine.

I don't have any screenshots of mine except hypixel's workaround (chest gui with abilities to count items in crafting slots).

The main objective is to make recipes like on screenshots possible


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What am I doing wrong? (kotlin)

MCItems is net.minecraft.item.Items

Items is my own object containing all items that my mod has

Item.provider is "ItemStack { this }" where this is the Item

class CompressorContainer(id: Int, inv: PlayerInventory, iwpc: IWorldPosCallable) : WorkbenchContainer(id, inv, iwpc) {
    val csl: List<Slot> get() = this.inventorySlots
    override fun canInteractWith(playerIn: PlayerEntity): Boolean {
        return true

    fun setResult(stack: ItemStack) {
        this.inventorySlots.first { it.slotIndex == this.outputSlot }.putStack(stack)

    override fun onCraftMatrixChanged(inventoryIn: IInventory) {
        val cs = this.inventorySlots.filter {
            it.slotNumber in 0..9 && it.stack !in this.inventorySlots.filter { af -> af.slotNumber in 0..9 }
        if (cs.sumOf { it.stack.count } == 160 && cs.all {
                it.stack.item in arrayOf(
            }) {
            val i = when (cs.first().stack.item.registryName?.path ?: "air") {
                "gold_ingot" -> Items.ENCH_GOLD
                "diamond" -> Items.ENCH_DIAMOND
                else -> null
            if (i != null) setResult(i.provider)
            log.debug("WE DID IT")

    fun dLog() {
        log.debug(csl.filter { it.slotNumber in 0..9 }
            .joinToString(", ") { "${it.slotIndex} - ${it.stack.item.registryName?.toString()} with ${it.stack.tag}" })


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