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Archival Version of Forge Tutorial (1.5.2)?


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(Hopefully this is the right forum. Forgive my newb-ness if not.)


I've finally spurred myself to get off my butt (figuratively) and start playing with modding. For reasons of personal taste, I'd rather stick with 1.5.2 for the time being, at least until I'm more seasoned at modding. This leaves me in a bit of a pickle, though, since the tutorials for Forge are on a wiki, which mostly seems to have already been changed for 1.6.x, which I realized the hard way (i.e. going through them and wondering why the heck it wasn't working).


Is there an official (or even unofficial, I don't care!) archive copy of the old tutorial version floating around that someone might be willing to point me to?


Thanks in advance.



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not really, but you can always ask whats not working and well help you figure out the 152 version :), most of us coded in 152 before


Afraid I might just have to do that. I didn't want to glut things up with newbie questions if I could help it.



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