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[1.18.2] Making a slippery block


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you'll probably want to do it manually.

to slow down the player or speed them up you'd normally override stepOn if the block is a full cube block or entityInside if it's not a cube.

but if you want some loss of control too, maybe you want to respond to keyboard event (don't remember the name) and mess up the input if the player is above your block (you don't want instant changes of direction).

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If you know nothing about java i'm NOT here to help if you misuse the code, i'm only supplying this user with the code that fixed my problem with creating a ice block. I am NOT a fix all, i can NOT help if anything in your project has issues with this code (syntax are the worst things that can happen) use it well, don't complain to me. !!!ATTENTION!!! Make COMPLETE SURE you change all [bracketed] to the name/supplied thing it says in it EX: [lowercase name] the lowercase name of the block in question. GOOD DAY

Sorry i'm a tad late here, but: 


public static final RegistryObject<Block> [ALL CAPS NAME] = registerBlock("[lowercase name]", () -> new [lowercase name](BlockBehaviour.Properties.of(Material.ICE).friction(0.98f).strength(0.98f).sound(SoundType.GLASS).requiresCorrectToolForDrops()), ModCreativeModeTab.[Tab Caller]);

(Creation of the block identity)


public class [lowercase name] extends Block { private static final VoxelShape SHAPE = Block.box(0.0D, 0.0D, 0.0D, 16.0D, 0.875D, 16.0D);

public [lowercase name](BlockBehaviour.Properties properties) { super(properties); }

public VoxelShape getShape(BlockState state, LevelAccessor world, BlockPos pos, CollisionContext context) { return SHAPE; }


public PushReaction getPistonPushReaction(BlockState state) { return PushReaction.NORMAL; }

public MaterialColor getMapColor(BlockState state, LevelAccessor world, BlockPos pos) { return MaterialColor.ICE; }


public FluidState getFluidState(BlockState state) { return Blocks.WATER.defaultBlockState().getFluidState(); }

This code confused me for months, i've been working on m own project for some time now. after this kind of brick stopping me from progressing i haven't gotten much done although it is getting better, this fix took quite the time to implement seing as the project im currently working on is a test to see how far a nobody that has barely ever made his own mod (by himself) can get with a few tutorials and a lot of time.

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