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Forge obfuscation Mappings


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Hello folks,

I was wondering whether forge uses official mojang mappings/where i can find obfuscation mappings for forge?
also, I know older versions aren't supported in this forum but I'll still ask in hope for someone to be kind enough to answer my question,
I have installed an older version of forge (1.8.8) and noticed that there's no jar in versions/forge-1.8.8-<build>, how exactly does that work? And did they modify vanilla mappings in 1.8.9 in any way? 

Thanks in advance.

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Forge has used official Mojang names since about 1.17 (I think late in the 1.16 cycle it switched).

However, 1.8.x is no longer supported. Regardless, Mojang was not publishing a deobfuscation map back then, so only MCP names exist.

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