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Texture location in the filesystem


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Very noob question-- I can't figure out how to point the rendering engine to a texture in the filesystem.

As bindTexture is depreciated, apparently its now done like this with func_110577_a(?):

ResourceLocation rl = new ResourceLocation("path/to/rasterImage.png");


Anyway, where, in the filesystem, is the compiler(or is it the runtime?) looking for rasterImage.png?


When I run the above snippet with "textures/entity/arrow.png" as the argument

for the ResourceLocation constructor, (something I found in another class) it works, but I don't know why, or where it found that image, or how to supply my own image.

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ERR wait a second, im following your guide very closely. At the very bottom it says:

ResourceLocation myImage = new ResourceLocation("genericmodid", "you/can/use/any/path/theImage.png");


So, I have in my code a static member of the class MyClass (implements IItemRenderer) as the resource like this:

private static ResourceLocation RL = new ResourceLocation("MyMod", "test.png");


And in the MyClass render routine I'm calling:



and in the filesystem I have a png like this:



but  still get this runtime exception:

[WARNING] [Minecraft-Client] Failed to load texture: MyMod:test.png

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ok in the filesystem i added the extra folder (named after the modid) in the assets directory and moved the image in there like you indicated, but still no dice.


to re-cap, i have the filesystem setup like this:



and the ResourceLocation code is unchanged:

private static ResourceLocation RL = new ResourceLocation("MyMod", "test.png");

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ok ok looks like that got rid of the exception! the item (this is for an item renderer) is invisible. test.png is a solid orange block, 32x32. if i change the path back to that factory arrow texture, i can see it show up on parts of the item. But this test texture, even though it is a solid color, never shows up. is 32x32 an illegal size?

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