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Request - Mod Dev for an AMAZING PROJECT (Soulscraft)


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Can you tell? This is going to be one of those kinds of threads..

It's about damn time.





Before getting started, it's proper etiquette to introduce myself to the Community. My username and alias is Malice Red, or just Malice. I've been hosting servers for a few years now. Although a lot of my projects haven't got to the point where I want them.


Importantly, I do not claim to be the leading authority on server hosting, nor will I boast that I know exactly what it takes to be successful in the Minecraft server community. That aside, I can boast that I do have experience in hosting servers, and what players usually like.


I'm an avid Gamer and great procrastinator at times. My favorite games happen to be Deus Ex, Dark Souls, and Morrowind.

I'm a Graphics Designer as well, and have some experience in bring elements together to make a project.


I'm currently leading Voxel Box Faction 'BPI'.


My ambitions are to shake the very foundry of the Minecraft community by introducing some very good and well thought out plans.


I love life in all forms, and am told I have great compassion. I'm also told that I'm also a hot head. Though that is a flaw, I usually come to my senses and or stop myself from making a complete ass of myself. Though some will disagree.


I'm capable of being kind and understanding, very lenient and understanding of other's situations. There's rarely a time I will say no to helping someone in need. I believe in sharing in all forms.


I guess the point of this is to let everyone know, I'm not the perfect and Ideal person in the world. I have never claimed it, nor will I. I make mistakes, and can get petty like others around me.


That set aside, the ambitions and goals that I have are very real, and so is my ability to rally people to a common goal.


Enough with the auto-biography, and into the meat of things.




Well now to the meat of things. What is my purpose for posting this thread?


I'm looking to expand the team, seriously expand it.


I'm looking for select individuals who can share the interest in this project, and share the ambitions of shaking the Minecraft community foundation. That's just the bottom line.


If you're interested, please take a look at the below requirements before contacting me.


Please browse through the Wikis and actual Websites. Below I sumerize origins, goals and other information on who's currently working with us.


I also explain how to contact me in the event that you're interested in working with us.


[spoiler=About Soulscraft]

I'd like to explain a few aspects of this project to anyone who's actually reading this. I'd like to talk about the origins of this project, I'd like to talk about the progress on this, and the future goals.


So anyone reading this, you might want to go get a snack in.




Soulscraft was a wild idea that I came up with a year ago. After playing through Dark Souls for like the 20th time, I decided that I wanted more. Well, there wasn't.


After a few weeks of craving the feeling that Dark Souls gave me, I came across a Minecraft project that fueled my idea.


Herobrine's Mansion. Pretty much one of the first of it's kind done right. It was in adventure mode, and was emphasizing on combat, and exploration. And probably best of all, it was done using Vanilla minecraft.


It was pretty inspiring. So I thought to myself, Minecraft is an excellent medium when it comes to level designing.


It would truly be possible to not only mimic Dark Soul's feel, but actually extend it. With minecraft building we can extend what Namco achieved, and provide content weekly/monthly.


So, I gathered a builder team, and we came to work on soulscraft.


The result was a mind blowing map, with tons of explorable content. (For those who are curious about this, I can give you a tour of the map.)





Soulscraft is not dead. As long as I'm around, it will never truly die. However, development on the project is stalled.


After a major incident with former plugin developer Dmillerw, who ended up recieving payment for his services, and then abandoning the project (and sabotaging), we're further stalled.


Soulscraft is in Limbo. It's got a foundation, it's got a wiki, it's got a Texture Pack artist, graphic designer, it's got the number crunching, even a website, but it doesn't have the code.


I'm here to change that.


The Agenda


Well, it's quite simple. We think this project is a Gem. Everyone who's ever seen the map has always been left breathless. Everyone who has talked to me about the Mechanics thinks it'll be a hit.


So we want to capitalize on that. We want to create Server side Soulscraft with use of bukkit, and then we want to go even further and make a client side mod, where we can bring all the ideas and concepts we have to reality for Soulscraft. Probably using Forge.


We want to operate sort of like how DayZ operates, and with the ShotBowNetwork. I think we have a really good chance to become a major competitor. After we launch the SZN Hub site, it'll be pretty hard not to be a major competitor. Not that I'm looking to compete. My passions are with running minecraft servers, and making heads turn.


As for Long term goals. Well, I want soulzonenetwork to be an actual go to hub for some pretty creative projects. I want to contribute to the economy of this country and actually fund the team members for their work.




[spoiler=The Team]

The people who are still on board the project.



Don't really expect you guys to know who this person is, but he's very dedicated to this project. He wants to see this project through as much as I do.


Kyctarniq is a big shot Texture pack artist and server administrator. Also a very wise and kind man.


You can check out all of Kyctarniq's work here.


Kyctarniq is very eager to work on this project




Personal friends and geniuses when it comes to webdesign. These guys work hard on their designs and have really come up with some amazing stuff.


They're responsible for creating our webpages and some graphics design.


Check out their work here.


Back Pack Industries


A faction of the Voxel Box server, which is essentially a collection of prestigous builders. They've created truly beautiful masterpieces.


The team consists of 6 Members, including BackPackback


These fellas are responsible for a lot of Soulscraft's content.


Honerable mentions include








Well now to the meat of things. What is my purpose for posting this thread?


I'm looking to expand the team, seriously expand it.


I'm looking for select individuals who can share the interest in this project, and share the ambitions of shaking the Minecraft community foundation. That's just the bottom line.


If you're interested, please take a look at the below requirements before contacting me.


[spoiler= Prerequisites]


  • Availability to work on the project

Everyone has things to do, but we don't want Mod devs that can't set aside time to work on the project. It's because we would be relying on this Developer pretty heavily.


  • Ability to cope with piled up work

Soulscraft is at the stage where it is completely ready content wise. We have the Wiki, we have the website, we have the partnered Youtube channel, we have the textures. The project has no code. At all, nothing. We've worked with previous developers who have completely caved under the stress of being expected to actually code. So in other words, Have the ability to code.


  • Ability to communicate

If you don't want to chat up with the team, that's quite fine. You can but it's not a requirement. But you must have the ability to communicate with me. For important details, progress, what you need, and any questions. Preferably through a Voice over IP service like Skype or Mumble.






Alright, if you're good with the above, and want to join this, please contact me with the details below.


This isn't your typical watered down post. No. We don't use silly applications. We use person to person interviews, where we can communicate all information right then and there.

[spoiler=Current Contact Methods]

Skype: Malice.red

Please entitle your Friend request Soulscraft.

Email: [email protected]

Please title your message Soulscraft.



[spoiler= True story about our last Dev]






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Ummm, isn't Forge and Bukkit incompatible?

So I read your wiki, is this going to be Bukkit or Forge? I'm kinda confused. It looks like you are trying to completely rebalance Minecraft. The only way I know of doing that is editing base classes. Sounds awesome but very challenging.

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