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forge 1.18.2 crashes when going too far or when placing a block


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title says all, a simple story is that i wanted to try out the new create mod update, so i created a world and played around with the trains, and then the next day i couldnt access the world and it got stuck in loading terrain, so i tried creating a new world, i spawned in a hilly biome with alot of trees so it didnt fit, so tried to go somewhere else, but for some reasons everytime i try to do so the game freezes, and then later i tried creating a flat world, all fine, didnt try to go far, creating a simple circle train track, and then when i tried to place a train station the game just crashed, and then later i tried to place a simple modded block and it crashed again, either my pc is doodoo or it just hates me

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On 7/16/2022 at 8:06 PM, Luis_ST said:

please post debug.log from the logs folder

update: so i tried creating a world in vanilla minecraft and it works fine modless, and then i tried loading that world modded and it works fine, will try modded worlds later

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